Final Fantasy XIV Officially Makes The Jump To PS4 Today

Video: Here's a trailer to remind you that Final Fantasy XIV officially makes the jump to PS4 today. Note that if you already have the PS3 version of FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, you can get a free upgrade to the PS4 version. Here's how.


    I tried the beta a month or so ago, the interface was utterly horrific. It was like trying to use my PS4 to play a PC game via a remote desktop or something. Have they made it actually playable (and readable) on a TV screen?

      Perfectly readable at home on the 50" plasma. Also, the only thing wrong with the Interface is that there's a lot of it (same with any MMO). It certainly isn't hard to navigate with either the touch pad or D-Pad,

      Out of curiosity, what was unreadable? The chat dialogue or the quest/story dialogue? If the former, you could have changed the size of the text. If the latter, idunno. I missed out on the Phase 1 beta for PS4.

      Anyway, with the PS4 release, the only issues I had to fix for myself was the HUD and chat text size (and chat box size). Other than that, this game is a massive improvement over the PS3 version. I honestly can not see myself ever going back to that inferior system.

      I played the ps3 version, switched t ps4 verison on the 11th and didn't notice any difference.

      In fact the minor tweaks they did only improved the UI but its all very easy to control and move around with. You can easily go to the HUD menu and resize everything and shift to however you like as well.

      Personally the ps4 version is the definitive one, it looks and runs better than ps3 and it actually has a draw distance greater than 2 meters. It looks identical to the pc too. The actual content is much better now too, alot of the problems at launch like not enough quests between lvl 45-49 are gone. There are alot more dungeons and several raid tiers and housing as well. The game is coming along nicely. So much so that I held off on getting ESO to sink more time into ff14 on ps4.

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