Here's Franklin Jumping Over 28 Exploding Buses In GTA V

Here's Franklin Jumping Over 28 Exploding Buses In GTA V

It may not be the single craziest Grand Theft Auto V stunt I've ever seen. But this video of an enterprising GTA V player who jumped over 28 exploding buses still earned a special place in my heart for the clever reference to Evel Knievel.

Remember: in October 1975 — less than six months after Knievel had shattered his pelvis and subsequently promised that he would "never, ever, ever, ever jump again" — the legendary daredevil got back on the bike and jumped a record 180 feet over a line of Greyhound buses.

Here's the video of the real-life daredevil:

And here's his virtual predecessor:

Not to split hairs here, but the GTA V daredevil managed to jump over exactly twice as many buses as Knievel did. Not only that, but he managed to time his own explosions to detonate just as as he was making the jump the second time around. Take THAT, real life daredevil person.

GTAV - The Jump: 28 Buses via BuzzFeed


    Not to split hairs here, but Evel did it on a motorcycle and didn't crash the landing.

      Not to further split hairs, but the GTA V player didn't actually crash the landing... He travels for a few metres after landing before hitting the ditch and getting air =)

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    Rooster Teeth
    Things to do in GTA V - Achievement Knievel - Feb 26, 2014

    Not to split hairs here, but this is his virtual ancestor, not his virtual predecessor

    Wow... some people have way too much time on their hands... how long would that have taken him to set up?

    Not to split hairs here, but a predecessor is someone who was there before you. A successor is someone who comes after you. Take THAT, Bembridge scholars.

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