Here’s The New Trailer For The Mad Max Game

Here’s the new trailer for Mad Max, the upcoming car combat game based on the memorable series of 1980s-era post-apocalyptic movies that starred Mel Gibson before he became a crazy person. The video mostly focuses on the cars, which all look pretty in the rusty post-apocalyptic sort of way, and suggests that players will be able to customise their rides for any number of aesthetic and violent purposes.

Mad Max comes out in 2015 for PC, PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


  • Ok looks not too bad… thought they were still going with the yank voice, til I realised it was talking in the third person.

  • So… It’s a remake of destruction derby but with everything branded ‘Mad Max’ and ‘West Coast Customs’ to see how much marketing can be squeezed into one game? Is the opening video just going to be a trailer for the new Mad Max film?

    • Apparently there’s on foot stuff too. It’s the guys behind the Just Cause series, I’ve got more faith in them than that at least.

      • I hope you’re right, this is probably just a focused trailer. I don’t mind the old destruction-derby formula if it’s done right but if that was all this game was, it’d feel like a waste of the IP to me.

        • Agreed. It has to have elements that *makes* it Mad Max otherwise it’s just another movie tie-in done badly. If done right it could be the next Golden-eye…

          • I totally agree and if anyone can get this type of game right to be the next “golden-eye” style then it is the Just Cause guys.

            Goldeneye the game took the plot and the locations of the movie and re-purposed them perfectly into there own thing. I think people forget how clever it was.

  • Errrg! They took his car so he built a better one? Is he going to let it slide?

    I’m rather underwhelmed by their treatment of this license.

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