Here's What Will Get You Banned In Super Smash Bros.

Here's What Will Get You Banned In Super Smash Bros.

During today's Nintendo Direct covering all things Smash Bros, the director of the game — Masahiro Sakurai — outlined the kinds of player behaviour that will get you banned (or at least temporarily so) from the game.

Good news for multiplayer players, who are accustomed to experiencing at least some level of some of these annoyances. And if this sounds like you, know that Nintendo is watching.

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    Targeting one person? Two good players and two clueless players in a match, I'm going to take out the threat first.

      If it's going to be anything useful at all, it'll be a rare ban slapped on people who troll new players by Falcon Punching them off the screen 37 times a round while ignoring all others.

    Starting and not playing

    Oh god I wish this was in every game to prevent people from boosting their xp!

      It was especially bad in Brawl because for some reason players would just go in and spam taunts all game long. They just jump away from you, taunt, and keep doing that. Other players use Metaknight and Pit and fly laps around the stages. Why are you doing that online???

        It's a taunt party and also, Nintendo can't update Brawl anymore as it is a finished game and it will be unfair to update or edit any old games that was never needy of updates. Brawl is completed.

        Nintendo will never update Brawl as Taunt Parties will stay common, even in the usage of offline.

    Just a question, if someone gets reported for something like 'Relentless targeting of an individual', does an actual person review footage of the game? Just in case for example someone were to get the killing blows on someone repeatedly out of luck. Not sure how these kinds of things work.

    Well thats..... good.
    but i liked picking on people.....

    Relentless targeting of an individual
    - Really?

    Frequent dropping
    - One evening of the home internet playing up could get you banned?

    Repeated self destructs
    - Does this include my silly DK strategy of grabbing a player and jumping off (legit strategy if ahead on lives)

      I loved the DK suicide move. My brother on the other hand did not.

      Well, you tended to only do that if they had only 1 or 2 lives remaining, so you'd only do it once or twice. "Repeated self destructs" I assume would be just continually walking off the edge to auto lose the game but not give your opponents any KO's. Probably more likely to be a problem in timed battles rather than stock battles.

      Frequent dropping
      - One evening of the home internet playing up could get you banned?

      Going by the use of the word frequent. I assume it would be multiple games over multiple days

        I would hope so, but the language is very general. If it's an automated process for something easy to detect like dropping mid-match, then I'd want to see more specific ways it will be implemented.

          Well it does say "Frequent". One night where you might drop a couple of times won't get you banned. Dropping in every match though might see you in trouble.

            My biggest fear is that every point listed here can theoretically be automatically detected. And any automatic system (as opposed to a reporting system) that isn't tuned properly can raise false positives.
            Come day one, once it's exposed to real world conditions, there'll either be complaints that it doesn't work, or that it's too harsh. I'll be watching with great interest to see which way the scales tip initially.

              Are you claiming a reporting system doesn't raise false positives? o_O

              "This guy is blatantly cheating!"

              *No evidence of cheating in replay*

              It's all in the eye of the beholder.

    i don't care about the others except "relentless targeting."

    seriously? they're going to dictate how to play a fighting game? you play the game to beat up on each other. if i want to attack only one person so what?

    i am not going to be thinking 'you know what? i think i have attacked this 1 player way more than the other 2 i might get a temporary ban for a product i paid for, i should leave them alone for a while...'

    So tea-bagging is fair game? Excellent. :D

      Oh, I hope so. Wake-up grab smashing so-called teabaggers was the easiest way to get a free K.O.
      By all means, continue to waste your time and feed me delicious kills in the process.

      If it's nothing but children and degenerates playing this game, then online will be too easy just like it was before, new rules or not. Honestly, the only challenge I ever got was playing locally.

    What will get you permanently banned in Smash 4?

    Also, isn't it a stupid reason to ban someone relentlessly targetting 1 player when they're doing it to get them out of the way while they can be persistent to the other 2 players?

    Also, starting and not playing may due to the reason your battery is out, or you have a valid reason to be away from the video game.

    Repeated Self-Destructs may be need to be reconsidered at times because your Wii Remote may be glitched up and you can't be able to control yourself while you're forced to frequently commit suicidal actions.

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