High-Res BioShock Infinite, Looking Mighty Shiny

High-Res BioShock Infinite, Looking Mighty Shiny

BioShock Infinite has never really been wanting in the art department. So what better game to document with gorgeous, high-res screenshots?

These shots come courtesy of Dead End Thrills, and were captured during the first act of Infinite‘s weak-starting but cool overall expansion Burial at Sea.

Noir Elizabeth is looking pretty noir-y, huh?

Head over to Dead End Thrills for more, including some hot new Mass Effect 2 shots.


  • Some of those are pretty impressive, but the face-shots (especially the header) are textbook Uncanny Valley. In fact, I’m going to save those away somewhere so I can use them as an explanation of what I’m talking about. Elizabeth’s face in the game isn’t real jarring – it’s pretty cartoony. Your brain fills in the blanks; verisimilitude. But the ultra-high res one? Looks real – like a real porcelain doll, that is, not a real human.

  • Personally, I feel that it has been overrated as well… but also that it is an outstandingly high quality game on so many levels. The overrating is probably because that fact got evangelized to a really weird extent in gaming media.

    (Edit: Replyfail to @trogue12)

  • I loved BS1/2 but never could get into Infinite. I restarted and tried to enjoy it so many times but I almost got to the end and gave up. I wanted to love it and can see why so many do, but for me the fun just isn’t there. It even came off as a bit pretentious at times.

    Columbia looks amazing. It’s so detailed and the concept is awesome. The gameplay & story just bored me to tears though.

  • Honestly, she just looks like a Disney character with more “adult”, puffier lips.

    I wonder if they faced the same challenges with emotion that Disney did with frozen. Making someone look beautiful but have emotion is difficult.


    My bias is that character design should range away from a very narrow focus of beautiful, but there’s obviously a lot of reasons that isn’t happening (especially on very expensive AAA titles).

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