How To Be An Oculus Rift Jerk

How To Be An Oculus Rift Jerk

This guy, in the black? This guy right here is a pranking arsehole.

Look at what happens when the guy on the left adds a little oomph to the roller coaster Oculus Rift game someone else is trying out — skip to about a minute in, if you don't want to wait too long:

Granted, the reaction of the guy in the blue in this video by Name Rus is kind of hilarious. Makes me wonder what kind of pranks we'll be seeing once the Oculus Rift becomes more wide-spread, especially if it doesn't take that much to make an experience terrifying for someone else.

[via Daily Picks and Flicks]


    Wow his reaction was way over the top! Also that hair....

    I would never trust someone with a mullet like that to be anywhere near me while I had one of my senses deprived. People with hair like that are the same kind of people that stick their dicks up your ass when you pass out at a party, "for fun".


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