How To Unlock The Secret Challenges In Trials Fusion

How To Unlock The Secret Challenges In Trials Fusion

Trials Fusion is out now, and it apparently has a collection of hidden minigames, including a first-person maze, and Trials versions of Marble Madness, Angry Birds and… Tennis. Here’s how to find 5 of them.

  • Reverse into a wormhole on the Stormtrooper level, and you’ll be on a 3D version of Angry Birds
  • On Park and Ride, land inside the tennis court instead of jumping over it to play a game of tennis against a penguin.
  • On Cliffhanger, you can back up into what looks like an underground base for an appropriately claustrophobic 3D maze
  • On Observatory, you’re presented with the chance to set yourself on fire and take off through flaming rings in the sky
  • On Around The Oasis, you can back up into another wormhole to unlock the Marble Madness-style minigame

Trials Fusion: The 5 Weirdest Secret Challenges [YouTube]

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