I Did Not Know That Skyrim Had A Choose Your Own Adventure Book…

I Did Not Know That Skyrim Had A Choose Your Own Adventure Book…
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Kolb and the Dragon is a choose your own adventure book. Big deal you say, and rightly so. But Kolb and the Dragon is a choose your own adventure book inside Skyrim. Yo dawg.

I might be super late to this, this might be old news, but I was not aware until this point that Skyrim had a bloody choose your own adventure book within its own game. That is pretty incredible. You can check the whole thing out here.

It got me thinking of those moments in video games — moments when you realise or notice something amazing after hours of play. The one that immediately springs to mind is in Metal Gear Solid 4: Snake’s stress meter would increase when he spent too much time in the sun, and then reduce if he found shade. It took me three playthroughs to notice that. Mind blown.

Dark Souls has a number of insane details as well, particularly in its embedded lore. If you kill Gwynevere, Princess of Sunlight, the entirety of Anor Londo becomes dark. That’s insane.

Then there’s the whole Trials riddle. I’ve always loved hidden details like that in games.


  • i only found this book a few weeks ago too but there are a lot of books in skyrim so its not hard to miss one

  • Yeah – some of the books are really good. I actually downloaded an app for my phone that automatically synced to you Skyrim game. When you found a book in Skyrim, it became readable in the app.

  • I remember that story about some dude who printed out all the books from Skyrim and put them in a leather bound folder or something? I guess this book made it into that as well.

    I can’t seem to remember finding it myself in the game. Might be one of those books like the skill books that are only in one or two locations, as opposed to the ‘everyman’ books that you find all the time.

  • In regards to that neat detail in MGS4 – if you obtain the Solar Gun (either by tranquilising all the bosses or purchasing it from Drebin) it has an ammo metre which you recharge by holding it up to sunlight.

    What I found interesting is that it requires direct sunlight – stand in a shaded area and it’ll just fizzle out (Snake’ll mutter something about it being useless). Then I found even if you’re in complete shade and you hold it in a spot where there’s a small crack of sunlight, it’ll charge as long as the gun itself is exposed to the light.

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