I Haven't Turned On My Xbox One Or PlayStation 4 In A Month

A couple of months back I looked at my home set up and I realised I had a difficult choice to make. Too many consoles, not enough HDMI ports. Not enough physical space. I looked at my Xbox 360. Nestled in the nook where it had lived for years. I looked at my Xbox One. New, shiny, sexy. Ludicrously big. Sat in a clearly temporary spot next to the TV, cables spread everywhere.

There was only room for one. I had to make a choice: go through the hassle of removing the 360 and placing the Xbox One in its spot, or move the Xbox One. It was okay for a couple of weeks, but I couldn't just leave it lying there looking like the proverbial dog's breakfast. My wife wouldn't have it. 360 or Xbox One?

Insert hyperbolic headline here: WHAT I DID NEXT WILL SHOCK YOU.

Here's what I did next: I packed up my Xbox One and I took it into the spare room where it has remained to this day.

Late last week Kotaku US writer Patricia Hernandez discussed how she was enjoying next-gen gaming so much that she had completely abandoned her old consoles. Me? I'm having the opposite problem. I'm still so hopelessly connected to my old consoles that I'm struggling to find time to turn on my Xbox One and PlayStation 4. What the hell is wrong with me?

Or, more precisely, what the hell is wrong with the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One?

Well, problem number one: ease of use. I use my last gen consoles to stream video content from my laptop to my television via the PS3 media center. The Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 does not allow me to do this. This is a deal breaker. It's probably the major reason my Xbox One gathers dust in the spare room while the Xbox 360 still gets used. And the PlayStation 4? It survived the cull, but only because I lent my PlayStation 3 to a friend. And despite being granted the privilege of an all-too rare HDMI port in my home set-up, my PlayStation 4 has not been used at all during the last month. I estimate I may have turned it on twice, and that was to check out InFamous: Second Son for about five minutes.

Problem number two: the games. Even now, post the release of Titanfall/Second Son, I am far more likely to turn on my Xbox 360 to play video games. For the most part this is the result of my Dark Souls II obsession, but it's also testament to the fact that neither next-gen console has provided me with a compelling enough experience to drag me away from Dark Souls II even for a second. Luftrausers, Fez, OlliOlli — these three games alone have been enough to distract me away from Dark Souls II. Hell, I've spent more time playing Pikmin 3 with my wife on the Wii U than I have with anything on my Xbox One and PlayStation 4 combined.

And in terms of the feature set of the consoles, there is nothing on either that augments my experience to the point where I feel compelled to play games on those consoles specifically. In her article, Patricia mentioned the ability to share: to stream on twitch, to share screenshots on Facebook or Twitter — I love these advances and plan to use them in the future but they are not a game changer, definitely not a good enough reason to stop playing a superior game on my Xbox 360.

And the crazy thing? I love both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. I love the design of the PlayStation 4, I love its controller, I love the UI, I love it all. As for the Xbox One? Titanfall is probably my favourite online shooter since, man... Halo 3 maybe? That's how good it is.

But it's not good enough.

Both consoles have shifted a mammoth amount of units since launch, way more that I expected they would, but I have noticed something: the friends who are a little stingier with their dollars, the folks who are more sensible in their spending? They're waiting. They're holding back. There is nothing, they tell me, that warrants the $500-600 spend. Not yet. Not quite.

And who am I — the man who continues to play his Xbox 360, the man whose Xbox One isn't even plugged into a power point — to tell them otherwise.


    I haven touch my PS4 since I completed Infamous and turned it on yesterday to download the PS plus game of the month. Last I touch my Xbox one was before I start playing Infamous.

    Been playing D3 + ESO and some Attack of Friday Monsters.

    I'm probably not going to buy a PS4 or Xbox One until they release a new redesigned SKU for each. I might be tempted before that if a really amazing must-play game drops, maybe something from Naughty Dog, but the problem is, I have really amazing must-play games on the old generation that I haven't played yet!

    With a decent gaming PC, only console exclusives actually matter to me, and it's going to take some seriously good ones to make me drop that sort of cash.

      I agree. I have a mighty PC too, but I also love my GTA: V on the PS3. And I have Blacklist & Arkham Origins to still get through on PS3 as well. After all that is done, I feel like booting up Red Dead again! My PC is mainly for BF4, Deus Ex, Hitman and a few others.

      Still unsure on whether or not to get Watchdogs on PS4 or PC..... Suggestions? Does the Dualshock 4 work properly on PC yet???

        PC, it is their main development platform and with graphics supposedly being toned down for console versions PC will give you the best overall experience... And I thought DS4 worked on PC out of the box? IT works fine on mine PC now!

          Brilliant! Haven't tried it yet on the PC. What is the button/key mapping like?

            Button mapping works out of the box as you would expect, at least it did for my PS2 emulator! Just like using a DS3!

            Last edited 09/04/14 9:02 pm

      mm I am probably going to get the Xbone when Halo releases but thats about the only game I'm really interested in in the near future for either console

        Yeah me too, I won't pass up on a Halo game, but there's not other real Xbox exclusives I'm currently in love with enough to justify buying a console for.

        The only things on my radar are: Xbox for Halo, Playstation for Naughty Dog, Nintendo titles on WiiU and PC for everything else.

    I'm still transitioning. The PS4 has been getting a workout with Second Son, but I still use my PS3 more for it's back catalogue, streaming from my NAS and ABC iView. I've also been trying to plough through my Pile o' Shame on the PC.

      This is pretty much what I'm doing. Early morning is PS3 backlog gaming time, during the day is Vita time, and evenings are PS4 time. I figure this way I have at least a fighting chance to keep up with PS4 releases whilst still making a dent in my backlog... I hope...

        Sounds like a good life. Games all day!

      I leave my PS4 gaming for the weekend when I have free time purely so I don't burn through the limited games as is. My PS3 on the other hand has multiple games I know I have to play and yet I just cant make myself sit down and do it. My vita and 3ds of late have been my primary gaming systems for the past, 2 weeks+ with no sign of that changing anytime soon

    If you think back to the previous transition, it was about a year, maybe two, before you could seriously think about retiring the old hardware. PS2 was still getting amazing games like Persona 4 well into the lifespan of the PS3, for example. Plus if you were anything like me you probably had a backlog. I still do, actually - big pile of unplayed PS2 stuff I will never get to now unless they get re-released on PSN.

    The transition's probably going to take even longer this time, because the gains the new hardware have over the previous generation are much more modest (mainly because of diminishing returns on graphics) and the old systems have both got enormous install bases.

      Very much this. Though we got the ps4 at the beginning of the cycle, well, 3 months in, I'm *well* aware it's going to be 18 months before I start seeing anything truly fantastic.

        Serious question:
        If you know it's going to be 18months before you start getting any real use out of a next gen console, why did you buy one so early?

        And on a related note: Is that situation really acceptable? Shouldn't the experience be ready to be enjoyed at launch? Isn't that the whole point of a console to provide you with a whole entertainment solution/experience. I feel like it's buying a car but not being able to get tires for it or being unable to register it.

        Keep in mind I'm a PC gamer. I get why some people prefer the console experience. Each to their own, but I'm struggling to see why people prefer this next gen situation... All I hear is "It's great BUT...."

          Some people just want to have the tech early. In my case I actually really wanted to play Infamous.

          PC is my primary platform now though. I can't justify buying a game even on PS4 if I can also get it on PC.

            Hey, I love my gadgets and tech stuff too. But you're going to have to give me something pretty darn juicy for me to drop $500 + games on a system.
            Hell the only reason I bought a PS3 back when they were $600-$700 was because Blu-Ray players were about that much without being consoles as well.

            I feel like these next gen systems just aren't "juicy" enough to warrant the price tag (which btw I think is quite reasonable). In a few years when games tech catches up? Sure, but by then they will be half the price too.
            Again, it's like an awesome car without wheels, or one you can only use on private roads.

              Well in my case I ordered it the day before I turned 30 as a present to myself, and I paid less than $500 for it due to it being a US import. But yeah, they're hard to justify right now.

              To be honest, my reason isnt compelling or even good. I had a few spare EBGames gift cards laying around and had to spend them, I get most of my games at JBHifi because it usually is cheaper, so I put them down on a deposit for a PS4.

              Would I do the same thing if I had my time over? Probably. Smart idea? Nope. I dont think I've touched my PS4 since February and that was to play Black Flag, a PS3 game released on PS4. At present I don't even use it to play Blurays because my PS3 has a bluetooth remote, and can play things through the media centre.

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                Perry James

              People spend more than that on a single graphics card, and often long before they will get much benefit out of it than faster framerates or slightly enhanced graphics on older games.

          Because during that time period there's always around a dozen or so exclusive games I always enjoy playing. *shrug*.

          Plus, I have a son who loves playing games with me. It's not a huge deal for me. The consoles are cheap this generation, almost half what they cost last time (999 at launch last time if you remember for ps3). We've still got our PS3 and all I had to do was paint a house for 5 days (cash in hand) to get the money together to buy it, an extra controller and 2 games :) so I was all for it.

          But, Mid year I'm getting myself a new CPU and a new 780 graphics card as well so thats MY toy in the waiting :D

          Last edited 07/04/14 5:42 pm

            Pretty much; my girlfriend loves playing ACIV (especially loves how 'beautiful the water looks'), and at the same time - whilst at present I'm playing more of my PS3 backlog - I've been enjoying the PS4 games that I do have, and I won't have to drop the money on a PS4 in future when something incredible comes out. I dropped it after my tax return as a christmas gift rather than some inevitable point in the future where I can't splurge.


            Recommend that one (the card, not the retailer, haha)

            Last edited 08/04/14 12:07 pm

      Obligatory "PCs don't have this transition problem" comment =P

        Except that they do, because the consoles are the lowest common denominator and for AAA stuff their lagging hardware gets to the point that it holds the PC back from being able to eg. do gameplay things which use enormous amounts of memory.

          The PC has a slow upgrade progression not huge generational leaps.
          I guess it comes from being able to run games and lower settings.

          You buy a beast of a PC and it will remain good for 4-5 years and then will slowly decline (over a few years) until it needs an upgrade (which can be minimal in cost) to continue running the newest content.

          With a console, you buy one, and it gets better as games are more optimised for 5-6 years or whatever, and then basically falls off a cliff as the new generation takes over and eventually new content is no longer created

          For example. games coming out within the next year, like, lets say The Division, will be out for next gen consoles and PC.
          My PC won't be able to run it at max settings, but I will be able to run it. (My PC is about 3 years old with a new GFX card).
          Anyone with a previous gen console is shit out of luck.
          My guess is Watch Dogs will be one of the last new major releases that will still support previous gen (with apparently reduced performance/features) where as my PC will be fine for at least 2 years before I need to think about upgrading anything.

          Last edited 07/04/14 4:35 pm

            Yeah, but let's say you had a previous-gen console, and after 5 years of owning it, you are now 'shit out of luck' as you say, compared to a PC owner who bought his PC 5 years ago.

            Except that the console gamer hasn't spent a cent on upgrades in all that time, and a PS4 costs about as much as a good graphics card, (which you will soon want for that old PC) so the upgrade to enjoy the latest titles isn't all that steep on consoles now, especially as you can count on getting 6-8 years out of it.

              Most people I know who bought a PC five years ago are only now upgrading. There really hasn't been a major technology jump since the original i series processors.

    Haven't played mine closer to 2 months (only to turn on for ps+ free game) and only turned it on yesterday because my 5 yr wanted to play something (she used my old ps3 control) and downloaded the ps+ other then that played nothing but borderlands 2 co-op and d3 RoS

    Ps after using the dualshock3 for the last month and half then using the dualshock 4 reminded me just how perfect the duslshock 4 feels

    Last edited 07/04/14 3:17 pm

    Why aren't you playing Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes on next gen?

      I played over at the publisher's place before it was released! GET OUT CLAUSE INITIATED!

        Did you pop over there and complete it during your lunch break?

      I refuse to pay more then $15 for Ground Zeroes 1 hour long demo! And even that is being generous!

    I bought a PS4 last week. Mainly because all the people I play Battlefield with have already moved up, and I wasn't having much fun playing on my own. I'm pretty happy with it (although the rubber banding issue is driving me nuts, but hopefully the forthcoming server upgrade will fix that), but yeah, it's hardly an essential purchase right now. I am LOVING Resogun, though. And also enjoying Fez, Don't Starve and Mercenary Kings.

    Still keeping the old PS3 hooked up, though. Partly because of the PS4's lack of media capabilties (seriously - we need CD playback/ripping, mp3 and mp4 playback, Sony - it shouldn't be taking this long to get it done). And I'm still not done with Skyrim, either.

    Its been about 2 weeks since i've used my Xbox One, not enough time + little $$ to buy games i.e. titan fall and not enough games out atm are the reasons, im sure i'll start playing it again when destiny and watchdogs are released

    I havent used my Xbox One much in the last couple months.

    1. BF4 has massive LAG/Packet loss issues in Australia which EA don't seem to want to address after numerous patches
    2. i've finished all my other games
    3. friends stopped playing PVZ
    4. lack of other content
    5. minecraft isnt out yet.

      Just get Minecraft on pc dude?!

        I cant play PC Minecraft on my Xbox One

          Plug a hdmi cable from your pc into your xbox one, turn on the tv, bam. You're playing pc minecraft on your xbox one ;)

            They may not have a PC that is actually capable of running Minecraft successfully. Poorly optimised memory hogging Java ftw.

              Indeed, as much as I do like Minecraft, it really does have to be one of the worst games I've seen in terms of optimisation since the original Crysis.

                Yeah, I allocated 4gb out of 8gb of ram to it, still chews it up, it's a joke.

                  Holy shitballs!?!?!?!?! 4gb!?!?!?!?! Not even AC4 took that on mine!!!!

                Yeah.. It's stupid. Meanwhile it also doesn't like my GPU (GTX 560) and even my mates GTX 680 has issues with it..

                  I'm just stunned. I mean I knew my PC had issues with it, but Im on a lower end CPU these days but still a 2gb 660 (guess thats a decent fx card still isnt it?)

                Well i've thrown all modern games at it in the last 2 years maxed out graphical wise and it's been fine honestly. I even had no issues with Far Cry 3, which apparently a lot did. My mate with the GTX 680 had to UNDERCLOCK his GPU because it kept crashing the game haha.

            no, you're just using an hdmi pass through, but you cant control the game with your console.

      There is supposedly a server hardware upgrade happening for BF4 which will (hopefully) resolve the lag / rubber-banding problems.


      I found it pretty frustrating playing it for the first time on PS4 over the weekend. Sometimes it was fine, other times it was just unplayable.

        spot on. I've seen the packetloss on the server status in game menu get to 17%!!!!! what a joke, totally unacceptable!

          Especially considering that game's been out for what... 6 months now? I can understand there might be teething issues with these kinds of problems at launch, but they should have been well and truly fixed by now.

          Oh well, I just hope the upgrade does fix it because - when it's actually working - it's a great game.

    Bought the bundle with ps4 + Second Son about 3 weeks ago. After hooking it up immediately downloaded FIFA and haven't touched SS yet :P

    I have $600 in gift cards in my wallet that could purchase a ps4 today. I was very keen pre-release, but now that I could do it I am waiting. No games yet, no killer reason to buy one. Meanwhile I have happily enjoyed Rust, Titanfall and a few Steam indies I hadn't played on my PC. Destiny will probably rope me in, though.

      A PS4 is worth more than gift cards if the store goes bust...

    The only reason I bought a PS4 was really for the console exclusive titles, otherwise I use my PC. So Infamous is being played at the moment, but that's it. Every other game will be on the PC. PC IS THE WINNERS!

    I streamed a movie from my laptop to my xbox one last night...
    I still haven't finished AC4 on my PS4 and I'm still playing Rocksmith on my 360.
    With SWTOR on my laptop, the only thing I'm not using is my PS3.

    I dunno Mark, I think this has more to do with you playing the hell out of Dark Souls 1 & 2 than it has to do with deficiencies in the next gen consoles. I've played plenty of titanfall, the odd game of Garden Warfare, I recently got Tomb Raider: Extra Pixels Edition and Thief on sale which are available for me to start on at a moment's notice. Admittedly I have spent a lot of time on my PC lately but this has to do with my wife using the Xbox One for Titanfall and Youtube.

    I have a large pile of 360 and PS3 games which I need to attend to before I kiss off the old consoles for good, and admittedly the majority of current titles are multi-gen releases (with the exception of Dead Rising 3 and Forza 5 which I haven't touched since probably February), but my Xbone is still getting used most days.

      Yeah you might be right. I think both consoles have been fairly well serviced in terms of games. Just nothing that's dragged me away from DSII.

        I agree with Matthew K. No disrespect to you Mark, but you appear a mite obsessed with Dark Souls. Just have a look at how many of your recent articles mention it :-) So yeah, I think we can understand why you haven't been playing much PS4/Xbone in your couch time (no to mention that your wife has forced you to play Pikmin 3 as well - not saying you shouldn't strive to make the missus happy though!)

    Guess what, on the weekend I played two fantastic sessions of the incredibly addictive Titanfall and also a great session of tense racing with Forza Motorsport 5. I enjoy casual, fun gaming and don't have the time to toil away with games like Dark Souls II. Most RPG's I have owned remain unfinished after 20+ hours of gameplay excluding the Mass Effect series. In a time poor society I need to be able to jump online and have a few games to satisfy the gaming urge and so far next gen is more than providing the goods. All the negativity in the mainstream media and forums is quite pathetic and really providing nothing constructive. Also, while we are at it, this gaming snobbery where the media is looking down at other entertainment whilst playing Dark Souls is also contrived and pathetic, "I play Demon Souls, so that makes me an amazing gamer who wouldn't dare look at lowly games for the masses" ....WANKERS!!!! I play what I enjoy and if you pack up your shiny new console and miss out on the riches it has to offer that is your loss.

      No-one is being a snob. Not here at least.

        When someone is implying that they wont play other games because they are not of the required pedigree that is the ultimate snobbery.

        ...and also looks down on those who enjoy fast paced, popcorn entertainment. I save my brain power for my everyday life and use video games as escapism.

        "I only play Dark Souls and cool indy games like Fez and I put my crappy new console away because I am so hardcore and cool " Do you know how you sound?

      Don't know about the snobbery but holy crap am I sick hearing people go on and on about Dark Souls. I'm with you...spending hours and hours dying over and over is NOT my idea of fun.

      Back on topic, the decision to buy a console at launch is a decision made with emotion not brains. Feels good at first, but it doesn't take long to realise it's a mistake and doesn't make a lot of sense. I'll be working on my ps3/xbox backlog and playing pc until the console come down in price and offer some compelling exclusives.

        Yeah I'm a bit over the dark souls thing (especially on this website), I think it is a form of elitism, a new way to define gamers, where once we had 'casual' and 'hardcore', now we can add 'masochistic'.

          The reason why DS was so well received with a cult following is not because it sold a bazillion copies, but because it was difficult. In a world where games are pretty easy these days, having something that was stupidly challenging, almost in a puzzle kinda way for an FPS was a departure from the norm.

          That being said, I didn't enjoy it :) I'm more about the story, and less about the grinding and intricacies of combat.

        At this stage there are many reasons to play old and new gen. I played some 360 last night (Games with Gold Sleeping Dogs) as it is plugged into my xbox one. Then I switched back to xbox one and played Tomb Raider Def Edition. This is called generational transition and to be expected as long as great titles are still left to play on both machines. Hopefully MS can get an emulator working. That would be sweet.

    Don't own either Next gen console, I want the games library to be bigger before I make the jump. Besides I've got Tales to tide me over, and they're an easy 50+ hour series of games. Still haven't finished Graces F, only around 60% done with Xillia. There's still Xillia 2, and Symphonia to go. So yeah, my PS3 is going to be kept around a while longer.

      Don't forget the zesty dragons. If that was PS4 it'd be a day 1 console purchase for me, but it's just another PS3 release lined up for next year.

    I've mainly transitioned to the PS4, sadly it was because of the expense of the PS3 which received the YLOD a few weeks ago. Gave Infamous a decent going over on the weekend and will into this week. That being said there are a few PS3 games that I do need to revisit once the console is fixed.

    Overall though, I've mainly evolved to a handheld gamer, with time spend with the Vita would easily ten-fold and then some over the combined PS3/4 gaming time over the past year.

      gotta say, I'm much the same. Spent a lot more time playing Hotline Miami, Runner2, MGS1, WipEout series, etc. on Vita than I have on PS3, which largely remains a BC2 machine, aside from the odd PS+ game.

    I'm stingy. I'm holding off because I've lived through enough console generations know there won't be a must have title for at least a year. By that time, there may even be a price drop or bundle to entice me. On top of that, this is the first generation I can remember where a dedicated PC presented a a better long term value proposition, largely thanks to steam, but also because PC components have dropped in price pretty dramatically in recent years. I ended up spending my PS4 money on a PC last November.

    Last edited 07/04/14 3:35 pm

    Why is this news, what is the point of this story? What did you expect? This happens every console generation, it always takes a year for the games to get rolling. We knew this would happen even before we bought next gen consoles, Seems like a pointless whinge to me.

      It's not news. Kotaku isn't just a news site. Just a quick editorial piece based on an observation I thought people might be interested in, and it seems that most folks are.

        man, I would kill to have a job where playing games was a part of my position description. Then you go and unplug the next gen consoles! Is this real life?

        I do hear your point though. Still play my PS4 most days though.

      Actually, as the article states, it was partly written in response in Patricia Hernandez's article from yesterday, so as a counter-point piece it is perfectly legitimate. Also it is not even pretending to be a 'news' item. And I don't know where you got 'whinge' from. I didn't get that tone at all. It was more just musing aloud over the situation Mark has found himself in, and offering a couple of reasonable explanations as to why. I mean, if you read it with your whiny voice on maybe...but even then no.

      Last edited 07/04/14 3:45 pm

    This is precisely why there is no point being an early adopter. I know the lure of a shiny new console is hard to ignore sometimes, but you just end up paying top dollar for something you'll use for a few weeks at most and then forget about until about 6 months to a year later when the games library improves. And let's not forget that early adopters often get saddled with bugs and other problems that crop up in the first year, whereas people who buy 12+ months later don't have to deal with that so much (I'm not going to pretend it's never a problem after that point - the PS3 has been broken at least 2 times that I can recall in the last couple of years thanks to glitched firmware updates).

      Impossible for me to ignore. SO MUCH WASTED MONEYS.

      Yep, and is exactly the reason why I don't own any of the new consoles yet. Only now am I considering picking up a Wii U (it's finally getting some good games), but I reckon it'll be at least another year before I start to seriously look at the PS4 or Xbone.

      Last edited 07/04/14 3:42 pm

      I'm totally NOT in this position of not playing my new console, nor do I fit into your "NO POINT" description. I literally don't do a single thing you say I do.

      I'll be joining the PS4 brigade as soon as Sony release The Last Guardian for it.

      It may be some time.

    I’m one of those weirdos who uses PlayTV (… yes, seriously), not to mention DLNA streaming, ABC iView, SBS On Demand etcetcetc. There is *no* chance a next-gen console will replace my PS3 Silver Slim until they can replace these… and even then my PS3 (and PS2, probably) will stick around for my Silent Hill collection. :-/

      I have a real soft spot for PlayTV as well so you're not that weird :)

      I have such an enormous pile of shame on the PS3 and PC that I simply can not justify to the girlfriend why I need another console yet. She hates my gaming addiction enough as it is...

      Play TV is, hands down, the best DVR I've ever come across. I still use it as my TV and it's a big reason why I'm waiting to upgrade to a PS4. That EPG kicks arse.

        This is totally me too. The PS3's PlayTV EPG is far better than I ever realised. I recently 'upgraded' to a Topfield Masterpiece 2460 1TB PVR thingy and, as a dedicated set top box the EPG in that thing is absolute crap when compared to Sony's effort. The only thing I didn't like with the PS3 is that I couldn't record more than 1 program at once.

    Sat in a clearly temporary spot next to the TV, cables spread everywhere.

    Off topic, but this has been gnawing at my inner grammar nazi, and @markserrels I was hoping you would provide an answer. It's to do with the verb "to sit".

    It seems those who hail from the UK prefer to use "sat", the past tense of the verb, when they actually mean "sitting", the current tense of the verb. I hear it everywhere from Formula 1 commentary ("Vettel is sat in 3rd position") to esports to, well, articles like this one.

    I realise it must be a common thing for the British Isles to say, but I'm actually wondering why. Why do you use the past tense of the verb when you clearly mean the current tense?

    Last edited 07/04/14 3:43 pm

      Great question: and you pretty much answered it yourself with the UK thing.

      I'm from the UK and I like the rhythm of 'Sat in a clearly temporary spot..." compared to "Sitting in a clearly temporary spot". I don't know why! I just like the way it sounds, I prefer the way it comes off the tongue.

      That stuff is stupidly important to me!

        Haha, fair enough.

        I only ever hear the British say it, so I was more wondering whether there was actually a historical reason for it or something. To me it doesn't make any sense to use the past tense of a verb as the current tense, but I suppose it doesn't make any sense to you that Australians like to run multiple words together (eg "G'daymatehowsitgoing") or choose to arbitrarily leave letters out when we pronounce words (eg Minto = "Minnow", Melbourne = "Melbern", Canberra = "Canbra", etc).

        I guess I'll just continue to cringe whenever I hear it.

          I would say that the way aussies pronounce words is really just laziness. In each of the three words you've chosen as examples, we have removed the 'hard' syllable or sound in an effort to make speaking easier. Another example is the word better being pronounced 'beder' or 'beda'.

          In my mind, it's not arbitrary. Interestingly, this seems more prevalent in the eastern states, but that's another point entirely.

          Last edited 08/04/14 8:07 am

    So if you're in Melbourne I'll happy borrow your Xbox One and get a chance to try out Titanfall. I'll give it back! I promise! :P

    Well, I mean, is PlayTV for PS4 coming out any time soon?

    I got the hardware revision for both 360 (elite) and PS3 (slim), and I don't feel that I missed out on anything waiting for those (plus they both still work, no RROD / YLOD yet). Not feeling like there's enough on offer yet for the price of admission with the current release XBone/PS4 - I can't wait to get my hands on that PS4 controller on a regular basis, but I will for now.

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