I Think I Found My New Favourite Titanfall Move

Instead of calling in your Titan just as the match is ending to unload on the enemy dropship, what if you saved your Titan? Just for a bit longer?

At the end of this episode of DefendTheHouse’s latest Mythbusters show they call in their Titan just as the dropship’s health is nearing its end. The splash damage not only takes the ship out, but it looks cool while doing it too.


  • Was the Arc Cannon destroying rockets one really a myth?

    Since the game itself tells you that it can do that, in the tips bit of the loading screen.

    • Did you watch the entire clip? The drop didn’t take out the first one, but the splash damage from the Titan landing takes out the second one.

  • I call BS on the passing rockets indefinitely, 2 more passes max and they would have run out of charge for the vortex and someone would be taking the rocket in the face, i know because i’ve done it trying to play “TITAN TENNIS”.

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