If Final Fantasy Battles Were Actually Dance-Offs

If Final Fantasy Battles Were Actually Dance-Offs

Using attack moves and magic is so boring. Why not get down and dance it out instead? Now that would make for an interesting battle!

Mike Song is back with a Final Fantasy themed choreography, and it's fantastic to watch — it even has nice little touches like having the dancers do idle animations of sorts:

Here's Song on the creation of the choreography:

If I had the budget to make an entire dance movie... it would probably look a little something like this. In lieu of the new Final Fantasy releases, I wanted to create another video in the spirit of the Final Fantasy franchise. What started off as nothing but a simple "fantasy" (ha...ha...), transformed into an entire production.

Cool! I basically can't get over how he pretty much boy a Final Fantasy boy band, personally.

And if you're curious as to who was involved in this video, here ya go:

Choreographed & Performed by:

The Kinjaz & Quest Crew

Ex. Produced & Sound Design by: Mike Song

Conceptualized & Written by: Mike Song & Ryan Conferido

Directed by: Jon Pierce

Produced by: Danielle Lee

Visual Effects by: Kenson Lee

Costume Design by: Junlyn Delas Alas

Gaffer: Jason Poon

1st AC: Jon Shih

2nd AC/ Swing: Melly Lee

BTS: Tom Trinh

Body Painter: Happy Chad

Finally, if Final Fantasy-themed dances are totally your thing, you should make sure to watch Song's previous FF choreography here.

Final Fantasy Dance Battle: KINJAZ vs QUEST [Mike Song]


    Its called X-2. using dress-spheres let you dance moves...

    Gave up after 1min 30. Laaaame. This poster just posts other people's stuff? A photocopier could get a job at kotaku as a Blogger

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