If Sega Won't Do It, These Guys Will

If Sega Won't Do It, These Guys Will

When a game describes itself as an "open world futuristic freerun/parkour game inspired by great games like Jet Set Radio and Mirror's Edge", it has my attention.

Hover: Revolt Of Gamers might have a stupid name, but everything else about it looks great, from the eye-smashing art style and future skating (the Jet Set Radio part) to the smooth parkour (the Mirror's Edge part, although you could argue it's got more in common with Titanfall's superhuman abilities).

Hover is up on Kickstarter, but it's already passed its funding goal; the money coming in now is going to go towards stuff like bigger maps, more characters and, best of all, soundtrack contributions by Hideki Naganuma, who worked on the Jet Set games.

Hover: Revolt of Gamers [Kickstarter]


    That was awesome! Gonna keep an eye on this!

    Oculus compatible and I'm in!

      Wear your vomit-proof pants...

    The fact that Hideki Naganuma is on board makes me happy in ways I can not even begin to describe!

    Also, was it just me, or did one of those characters look a LOT like Klayton of Celldweller fame?

    Last edited 30/04/14 12:56 am

    Oh man, there was another cool game released ages ago along this vein, but I can't find it now ....

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