In This New Anime, Lupin Sure Looks Like A Badass

In This New Anime, Lupin Sure Looks Like a Badass

Some of the first images of upcoming Lupin anime spin-off Lupin the IIIrd: Daisuke Jigen's Gravestone have hit the web. And Lupin (above) has somewhat of a Big Boss thing going on. Not a bad look at all!

Courtesy of website Crank-in and tipster Lee, you can see the first images of the upcoming feature film, which follows how master thief Lupin and his sidekick Jigen (below) became partners.

In This New Anime, Lupin Sure Looks Like a Badass

Lupin the IIIrd: Daisuke Jigen's Gravestone is being directed by Takeshi Koike of Redline fame. According to Crank-in, the movie will get a limited theatrical run in Tokyo's Shinjuku this June.

栗田貫一×小林清志、『ルパン三世』スピンオフ映画の魅力を語る!場面写真も解禁[Crank-in — Thanks Lee!]


    I hope it's more along the lines of the recent Lupin series (The Woman Called Fujiko Mine) and less like the older material that was a lot more slapstick comedy. I like Castle of Cagliostro as much as the next guy, but the darker and more adult take was really good, and as I understand it is closer to the original manga's feel as well.

      Castle of Cagliostro was great because it was a Miyazaki film. The secret of mamo was really hard to watch after it. I'm definitely in agreement with you that I hope they don't go back to the weird fan service and bad jokes.

        Did some digging and sounds like this film will be a sequel to the Fujiko series, so more along those lines. Which makes me very happy.

        Also despite being Miyazaki's work, I personally don't think Cagliostro's that great. It's his first theatrical film and it's not a hugely satisfying piece in its own right. I find his subsequent work to be far better.

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