Indies Are Trying To Make Their Own Elder Scrolls Game

Indies Are Trying To Make Their Own Elder Scrolls Game

A year ago, we first heard about Frontiers, a game that was looking a lot like an Elder Scrolls title, only it was being made by two people. Well, good news everyone: the project continues.

The game's now up on Steam Greenlight, and also has a new trailer.

Note that there's very little interaction with other characters in the clip, just some pretty environments (which means we can't really get a look at stuff like combat), but boy, those environments are pretty.

Frontiers will, if all goes well, be out around the middle of the year.


    Wow, that's really good for 2 people (if it's still 2 people) There a few thing that need touching up like the character models, but for what they've done it looks really nice!

      Agreed it looks pretty sweet, but those characters models are straight up ps2 quality. I would know i'm playing FFX HD at the moment.

        FFX HD has improved character models with much greater polygon densities, higher res textures and better lighting effects compared to the original. To call this a PS2 game based off the FFX HD port is not fair.

        And the aesthetic of the game seems to be going for a 'Telltales Walking Dead/Wolf among us' character appearance, not a realism based approach.

        Last edited 03/04/14 8:47 pm

          I was referring to the characters outside of the main characters. I'm not having any luck finding a screenshot example but if you have played the game its painfully obvious. The main cast looks great. Its really noticeable on characters like lulu. The npcs however look like there faces have been drawn on, so its a 3D model with a 2D flat face.

      Hmm looks more like M&B crossed with minecraft which would be bloody awesome

      TBH - I've been play Vagrant Story recently (PS1), and some of the models in the clip above are about on par with that. That said, the model at the end of the clip was much nicer.

    The indie revolution is exactly what the industry needed. This looks great for a 2 person team!

    So, will it have the same universe-building like the Elder Scrolls or is it just going to be "pretty"?

    I like how the arrow killed the wolf.

    Because hunters who used bows on animals didn't do it just to piss their prey off and get their attention so they could engage in sword-and-board combat, like in Skyrim.

    It looks promising, and I wish these guys all the best.
    Why the medieval setting? It feels like the genre is pretty well served. Why not try something different, such as a near-future or far-future setting? Or the Wild West? Or Steampunk? Or a mixture of styles? Steampunk-Samaurai? Space-Western? Someone PLEASE, do something different!

      I vote for Stone-age Steam Samurai punk as a genre personally, just sayin.

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