Infamous: Second Son Update Drops Tomorrow With Surprise Photo Mode

Remember that nifty update for Infamous: Second Son we were promised at the beginning of the month? It arrives tomorrow, and it’s bringing a friend along to help document the occasion.

Why doesn’t every game have a photo mode at this point? I mean, we’ve all seen the beautiful screenshots released for big-name titles taken from an angle players will never, ever see, so obviously somebody has the power. Give it to the players, and they will fill social media with an endless array of fancy imagery.


  • Went into JB’s today and they had Infamous on Ps4 to play. I took a disgusting look at the ps4 controller, ‘eh…’, and then had a look at the environment in Infamous SS.
    Holy crapola. This game looks amazing.
    Must buy a Ps4 soon, but not impressed with deals with games.

    • Look at the price of games at amazon. I have purchased games from them for around 29-39 bucks. All you need to do is get your self some US PSN credit and download the game.

      • I’m a physical copy only buyer unfortunately. Ozgameshop aren’t too bad with prices, and they always ship games shrink wrapped which to me is a must nowadays.
        I was just hoping for a free game with the console though. Closest is Target with Ass. Creed Black flag for $569.

        • Used to use OzGameShop a lot, but recently been going to Mighty Ape. Similar price and get the local version (it doesn’t usually matter taking EU -> AU, but sometimes it does…). Got Second Son from them. Agree on the physical copy.

          • Interesting, just checked them out. Some game are quite cheaper than Ozgame and some are quite dearer. Do they ship all games shrink wrapped?

          • Yes, the prices are pretty variable. Nice to have a second reliable online source to check and compare.

            I can’t remember if Second Son was shrink-wrapped, sorry. Well, the Delsin figurine was. Got Child of Light coming so I’ll let you know if it’s wrapped when it arrives. Is your shrink-wrap requirement so that you know PSN/XBL code inserts haven’t been used/nicked?

  • I’ll wait a couple of weeks and get back in to it when the last parts of the paper trail are out.

    • I’m hoping that this week’s papertrail might be extra cool and actually give me a reason not to wait till they are all out. Since they have the whole rabbit mask paper conduit thing going for them and if they stick with their release pattern it will come out on easter friday in the US.

  • Why doesn’t every game have a photo mode at this point?

    I was hoping that with the focus on social media and sharing more games would adopt systems like the skate series skate.reel video editor. Raw gameplay footage is ok I guess, but you could make some really cool stuff with the right in-game toolbox. Although it’s early days so that could still take off.

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