Inside The Darkest Moment Of One Of The World’s Best Pro Gaming Teams

Inside The Darkest Moment Of One Of The World’s Best Pro Gaming Teams

They’re living the dream of playing video games while millions of people around the world watch. But, money and fans aside, high-stakes competitive eSports comes with its own unique ups-and-downs. What’s that like? A new documentary takes viewers along for a look inside a year with one of the biggest Starcraft 2 teams in the world.

Good Game, directed by former iO9 contributor Mary Ratliff, chronicles a tumultuous year with the Evil Geniuses’ Starcraft 2 squad, watching them prep for and play in tournaments all over the world. Much of the trailer focuses on controversial player Greg “IdrA” Fields, showing testimonials from people who’ve borne witness to the intense focus that got him to the elite ranks of pro gamers. Given how his tenure with Evil Geniuses ended, it will be interesting to see just how sympathetically they will portray IdrA.

You’ll be able to watch Good Game on Twitch at 1pm ET (3am AEST) today.


  • In a year that also saw Stephano retire, and Revival and Oz move to other teams too. But, they recruited the tyrant himself Jaedong.

    • He hasn’t transferred his success to SC2, perpetuating the stereotype that Koreans only join western teams when their career has flat-lined. Bisu made the right call by retiring when he knew he wouldn’t be able to achieve the same success.

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