Iraqi Bootleg Game Covers Are The Best Kind Of Ridiculous

Iraqi Bootleg Game Covers Are The Best Kind Of Ridiculous

While piracy is the pits, you gotta love bootleg covers: they mash up all sorts of things that either make no sense, or somehow make the source material even funnier. In some cases, they even make you wish the game advertised on the cover officially actually existed, instead of whatever pirated game is actually in there.

Redditor Siink7 recently shared some of the covers found on Iraqi bootleg games — and they’re really something else. Characters from different franchises in series that they’d never be in. Strange game titles. The works!

Take this one, for example:

Or what about this bizarre Matrix cover — why does Agent Smith have a Vault Boy tattoo? Because video games, people.

The rest of the covers are kind of wild too, check them out:

via Reddit


  • Dear Patricia,

    If you start giving a shit, people won’t be so mean to you about your not giving a shit.

    Common Sense

      • Apples and Oranges.

        Or 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Apples and Oranges, except I won’t tell you them, you have to watch a video that Australia is geo blocked from, if I even post the link this time.

        Or look at all these pictures of Apples and Oranges I copied from Reddit, briefly summarising each one, even though your brain will do it better for you itself in a split second.

        Anyway, these are all lame as fuck.

        • I don’t even understand how she got the job here. A monkey with a typewriter could probably write more interesting articles with greater depth and explanatory value, and likely no copy and pasting.

          • So maybe stop coming to her articles and driving up the traffic? I mean, you think your protesting her work when you are just paying her bills

          • I’m actually secretly hired to make Patricia look good from the inside.. I’m just really bad at it.

        • False. She only bothers to comment on the first few then it’s “oh yeah here’s more. ..”

      • There’s a difference between having a “personal grudge” and being sick to fucking death of whatever you want to call this (some say journalism I hear?)

        Just like there’s a difference in expressing your opinion and being a prick.

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