Is That You, Tex Murphy?

It remains amazing to me that in this, the year of our lord 2014 AD, we are getting a new Tex Murphy game. But we are, thanks largely to the magic of Kickstarter.

Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure launches on April 22 on Steam and GoG, and I will play the heck out of it. Here's a new launch trailer loaded with rich, delicious FMV cheese.


    Already pre-ordered. Already pimped like crazy to any one who'd listen. Arrrgh, so good.

    Also, if you pre-order on GOG right now you can choose from one of Tex's earlier adventures for free. FREE. (I recommend The Pandora Directive.)

      Having now watched this, I totally get why you are so hype. Looks amazing :P

    Return of the FMV

      Haha! Has an amaaaazing b-grade charm that I love. :D

      The X-Files Game was probably the only FMV game that didn't have that b-grade feel.

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