It Only Takes A Few Hours To Beat Dark Souls 2

It's been out for, what, 20 days or something? Enter the speedrunners. It's taken these crazy players a freakishly small amount of time to figure out how to beat this game in a freakishly small amount of time. Here's a whole day's worth of speedrunning the new hardest game on the block.

If you haven't seen one of these speedruns yet, then be warned: Some of the early bosses are taken down in very quick fashion, and once you see how, you can't unsee it. It also carries the side effect of making any progress you've made in the game feel like peanuts.

My favourite so far comes from Lobos Jr, who beat all the game's bosses in 3 hours and 15 minutes. That includes the bosses that require a little extra doing, such as Vendrick (who seems impossible at first), and the Darklurker (who requires progressing to the end of a covenant to fight). The ancient dragon is also downed. He does all this with the use of Hex magic.

Watch live video from LobosJR on TwitchTV

Lobos also did a challenge run with the ladle you get from the old ladies at the start, which might not be worth watching in its entirety, but is pretty damn funny nonetheless.

Up next we have Noobest's run, which up until recently was the world record. This is just cut and dry quickness, with some really interesting problem solving for some bosses involving poise break.

Finally, here's a new take. Youtuber impretty nuts decides instead of getting all four Great Souls, he'll go for the different requirement of sheer amounts of souls, by using Bonfire Ascetics to defeat the Old Iron King over and over. This gives him the necessary souls to get into Drangleic Castle.

All in all, it's pretty close to the time it took me to beat it on my first playthrough. If you, y'know, give or take about 80 hours.


    Makes my 90+ hours to finish it feel a little pointless now...

      I beat it in 36 hours. I was really surprised how fast I beat it. And yet I still feel the game is a worthy successor to the first. Fantastic game that I've played quite a bit. And now I've put 70 hours into the game on new game plus. But a lot of this time has gone to getting achievements, weapons, souls, etc.

    Tyler actually has the WR for any%

    Man... I'm only 10 hours and I only just got to The Lost Bastille. I feel so emasculated.

    Hexes and Flame Swathe are so incredibly OP when used correctly. Someone I'm watching at the moment is doing a mundane Santier's Spear run with hexes and Pyro as a backup. What doesn't get mown down by the spear's fantastic moveset is roasted by Flame Swathe or withered by Resonant Souls. Climax is also incredibly powerful when done right.

    i've been getting into speedruns lately, a lot of older games have glitches to clip to areas which makes speedrunning fun since I can be done under 2 hours, but most modern games take a lot more due to them not being as broken.

    It's good to see developers making their games cater to many niche sub cultures of gamers.

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