It Would Take 32 Hours To Read Every Book In The Elder Scrolls Online

It'd Take 32 Hours To Read Every Book In The Elder Scrolls Online

Bethesda just threw up this fun infographic for The Elder Scrolls Online, which officially launches tomorrow for PC and Mac. (It will be out on PS4/Xbox One in June.)

My favourite stat: since May 2011, the development team has had 162,784 cups of coffee. How did they measure that? Did Zenimax Online force every staff member to log their coffee consumption every day? Do they have coffee trackers embedded in their stomachs? Do weekends count? Do they define a "cup" by the specific measurement or were they cups of varying size? How much has that number changed since this infographic was put together? WE NEED ANSWERS, ZENIMAX.

Full infographic here:

It'd Take 32 Hours To Read Every Book In The Elder Scrolls Online


    I think you mean 0 hours, as other players will never give you the time or place to actually read them.

      You can read them at your leisure, though - they're stored in your own personal library in the menus, aren't they? Haven't checked in the release version, but it was there in the beta.

        Then why not just read them on a wiki? :P

          Same point, read on Wiki will take 32 hours to read all of them anyway.

          "At your leisure". Whether that be in game, or on your phone during your commute via a wiki. You don't have to read everything straight away - it will be available later. Besides, who says that if you're online you have to be doing something? I have no doubt I'll find myself sitting in the Mages' Guild at some point just reading through my library.

            Then I'll sneak up and stab you! Then cheerily scream, "YOU'VE BEEN INVADED!". Then bow.

              ... Is that even possible? Not sure how phasing works for going behind enemy lines... In any case, I'd probably congratulate you for getting that far into enemy territory, curse you for the minor expense required to repair my armour, then resume reading. Perhaps spend some time wondering how a red phantom managed to get into Tamriel... :)

      I am so addicted to this game, think, DAOC quality pvp, with modern graphics and Skyrim lore.

      its complete win!

    Speaking of mudcrabs, I was very glad to see that they are still as ridiculously OP as they were in the beta. :P Similarly ridiculous is some of the weapon variety - I've found frost staves that also do fire damage, and inferno staves that also do frost damage, which seem a little counter-productive.

      Has it made you excited to play the retail version?

        Not really... Just something I found amusing. There's something about being completely decimated by a level 10 mudcrab that I find too ridiculous to get annoyed over, kinda like Monty Python's Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog.
        The retail version has certainly made a better impression than the last two betas, however (although I'm still going through missions I'd completed during the beta). Considering I'm currently playing this, D3:RoS, and the Bioshock Infinite DLC, and this is the most interesting of the three... We'll see what happens when the flood-gates open and we start seeing more "weedboner69"s and fewer thematically appropriate names in Tamriel, but for now, it's pretty fun.
        That said, it still needs a bit of polish - I'm level ten, and I've come across three quests that I can't complete because the next part won't trigger, one of which is a key quest for the Mages Guild. As a sorceror, that's really irritating.

    Their coffee machine(s) probably tells you how many cups it has made in servicing.

    There's no "amount of people that left after the first month honeymoon period" stat, I want to see that one when it is tallied up >.>

    Un yeah, the 40,656,000 weapon variations is unimpressive when you consider they are:
    Meteoric sword of slaying +1
    Meteoric sword of slaying +2

    Also I'm sure the 10,202 characters in game have the personality of Daggerfall guards. HALT. Maybe they give you fetch quests too?

    I must admit I was quite underwhelmed with the beta, but I've been playing the full release for the last few days and I'm enjoying it more. I just like the whole exploration aspect of the game, you're rewarded for looking around for things, you find treasure, items, skyshards etc etc. It doesn't feel like WOW where you hop from area to area following the ! points.

    Unsure how long it will keep me going for, but so far I'm only level 8 and I've played the game for a fair chunk of time.

    It definitely feels more like an Elder Scrolls game than "just another MMO" like most MMO's these days. I haven't really done anything in the way of group content yet, but I'm enjoying it so far. I also was a bit meh at the beta, I think because of the numerous bugs, coupled with very little desire to do an awful lot, considering I'd just have to redo said awful lot again.

    Obviously there are some differences between ESO and the other games in the Elder Scrolls series, as it is simply not feasible to try and bring over many of the concepts into an MMO game. Some areas you simply don't attempt to touch while you're low level, and people don't generally run around in their underwear in other Elder Scrolls games. But the interesting thing is that while you are in some ways restricted by where you can go, it doesn't feel like you are being denied anything.

    All they need to really do now is filter out the gold seller spam and I'll be content... for a while at least.

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