It's Free Comic Book Day This Saturday, Luna Park Is Hosting A Party To Celebrate

As you may or may not be aware, this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, the day where participating Comic Book stores give away comics... for free! Kinokuniya in Sydney is taking part as always, but is taking things a step further: they're hosting a massive after party for Free Comic Book Day at Luna Park, giving entrants complete free reign over the park and all the rides. Sounds awesome.

The party itself, however, is not free. It costs $25 to attend but in return partygoers will have access to the park and all its rides. There will also be displays and interactions from the world's leading film studios and comic book publishers along with — apparently — a few big announcements.

Kinokuniya also plans to do some interesting comic book related things with some of the most iconic spaces in Luna Park — apparently The Maze is set to get a comic book makeover of some kind.

There will be licensed bars, photo opportunities with 'special guests' and an extensive cosplay presentation featuring 45 of the best cosplayers. Not bad.

Head to the Luna Park website for more info.


    Is Luna Park Sydney any less lame than its Melbourne counterpart? I guess at least they get stuff like this.

      I've been there. You have to be trying to make one worse than Sydney's.

      I may be a little biased (I work there) but yes, it's definitely less lame. The "theme park" side of things I'm ambivalent about (the rides are VERY tame) but venue-wise Luna Park Sydney kicks arse. The Big Top is hands-down the best venue for its size in Australia.
      Come to a NYE party and you'll see what I mean.

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