It's Peter Parkour, The Amazing Freerunning Spider-Man

It's Peter Parkour, The Amazing Freerunning Spider-Man

I am so sorry. I tried to come up with something different, but I kept coming back to "Peter Parkour". Hopefully this superhero-themed video from Ronnie Street Stunts can redeem the headline.

Here's the setup — Spider-Man has run out of web fluid, and has to hoof it. And action!

Pretty nifty! If I ever tried something like this, I'd definitely hide my face so no one could see me when I face-planted into the side of a building.

The only question that remains, other than whether I can get away with using "parkour" and "freerunning" interchangeably without someone getting angry in the comments, is who is the man beneath the mask? My money is on this guy:


    Don't feel bad about your headline, at least one person (myself) found it amusing. I have been playing a lot of FF14 though and it has puns in spades so I might just have a really low bar at the moment :P

      For real? I'm there. I love me some puns. I recently bought "Guacamelee" based entirely on the title.

        the titan extreme mode quest is called "Quake Me Up Before You O'Ghomoro" for instance. add to that every single fate (public quest) being a pun or pop culture reference and you are in cheesy one-liner heaven
        it's also a very good game worth your 15 a month

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