It’s The Last Weekend To Play Resistance Online, So Get Right On That

It’s The Last Weekend To Play Resistance Online, So Get Right On That

It’s time to shut the door on the least memorable shooter franchise of the previous generation. Online services for Resistance: Fall of Man and its two sequels will cease functioning on April 8. Surely someone out there is sad?

Originally announced last year, the final shutdown of the Resistance franchise’s PlayStation 3 online multiplayer features was tweeted out by Insomniac Games earlier this week, only no one noticed because no one cares about Resistance anymore, especially not Insomniac Games. I didn’t even notice until I read it on GameSpot this morning, and even then I forgot several times throughout the day.

It was Sony’s call to shut down services, and I am guessing it wasn’t in spite of several hundred thousand players logging in every day to take on the… Locust? Helghast? Oh wait, it was Chimera or something.

Resistance wasn’t a bad series. I distinctly remember enjoying myself playing through the campaigns of all three games. It’s just that’s pretty much all I remember. There was a giant thing, and maybe a squid? Kraken? Other than that it’s all brown. It’s almost frustrating enough to make me want to seek out some used copies and play through them again, for old time’s sake.


  • Resistance 1 and 3 where fantastic single player campaigns. Long, lots of weapons and great stories. Very under appreciated.
    The MP though I took no note of though I remember 3 had well made mp.

  • Still have R3 in my backlog of games to get through. Loved R1 and R2 at the time but the ending of the second game really put me off the direction R3 was taking.

    • Same here but crack it open cause it’s the best one. The new characters have way more depth.
      The servers closing is the best excuse.

  • Me and my eldest son have played through the first resistance together a ton of times. I heard resistance 2 did not have split screen co-op so we never moved on to 2 or 3.

    • This is exactly why I stopped playing past one. I sadly found out about the lack of co-op after buying it.. Was a great game to take around to mates and play.

  • While It’s true that the series never attained the fame of Halo or even Killzone, they are still good, solid shooters. The 3rd game in particular is an excellent FPS on its own merits (mainly because it has a lot in common with Half-Life 2). I’ve played local Co-op in 3 with a friend of mine and it was awesome.

    I think the big problem was that they didn’t do enough with the setting. An alternate history WW2 shooter has some interesting possibilities available, particularly when you throw Alien invaders into the mix. But it never really felt like they were taking advantage of what they had story-wise.

  • Played plenty of online MP when the first one came. Actually enjoyed the campaigns for all three as well. Haven’t touched the MP in a long time, so while I can’t say I’ll be sad, I do have fond memories of it.

  • I bought the collectors edition of R3 and never did try the mp or use the exclusive DLC codes for it as I heard it was rather poor. The campaign however was great.

  • Yeah, the author seems a bit overly harsh on what was actually a pretty decent series.
    Resistance: Fall of Man was one of my favourite games from the PS3 gen, and was an excellent new IP and launch title. While the second wasn’t as good, it did provide much better online coop and multiplayer, while the third was overall a pretty fantastic game.
    I’ll be sad that the servers are shutting down, but fully understand.
    Hopefully they patch out online trophies so you can still platinum them.

  • Im sad, because Resistance should of been the go to fps game on the Playstation, instead of the terribly clunky Killzone.

  • Ahh, online servers for games disappearing… Guess if you haven’t got your platinum trophy by now, you never will. This is why multiplayer trophies/achievements are shit.

    (Disclaimer: I do not actually know if Resistance specifically features multiplayer trophies. But there are certainly plenty of others who will one day shut down who do.)

  • Yep, as much as I didn’t like where 3 started, I thought it was the best as well.

    Edit: This was supposed to be a reply to Arkayn and Onesixone

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