Kaos Hijacks Teaser For The Next Big Skylanders Game

Activision is planning to unveil the next big instalment in its wildly popular (and lucrative) toy-video game combo Skylanders next week at an event in New York City. In preparation, the series publisher sent out some invitations that show chief antagonist and evil portal master Kaos being his loveable dastardly self.

The invitation I got in the mail was pretty great. But listen to what Kaos had to say to Kotaku’s resident Skylanders expert Mike Fahey: Watch out, Mike! Sounds like Kaos knows your one weakness. And no, I don’t mean your propensity for hoarding Skylanders figures behind your desk.

Kotaku will have more information on the next Skylanders game once we actually see the thing. Word is that it will be a big departure from previous Skylanders titles, though to be fair last year’s Swap Force already changed the game up with the introduction of the swapping mechanic for toys.


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