Like Civilization And Clicking Things? You'll Love CivClicker

You may remember Cow Clicker, the satirical game by Ian Bogost that bizarrely ended up being incredibly popular, despite being designed specifically to showcase how pointless Farmville was. Now we've got CivClicker. A game that does for Civilization for Cow Clicker did for Farmville. Friends, I've been clicking for a long time.

I mean honestly, this is seriously, actually pointless. I have no idea what's going on, but still I click. I have become a slave to the numbers. If I click 20 more times on that button, then I'll be able to click once on that button. Then I'll have a wooden hut, which I totally need for some reason, but I don't quite know what that reason is yet. But when I do? I'll sure be glad I clicked on those other buttons for a long period of time.

This is my life now.

Oh shit, one of my workers just starved to death. How did that happen? Was it because I'm not producing enough food? It must be because I'm not producing enough food.

[Click Click Click]

This game is confusing. I have no idea what is happening. But stuff is happening. I have to go and tend to the stuff that is happening despite the fact I don't understand it.

I'm guessing this is going to be one of those things that starts out ludicrously simple, but becomes complicated. A bit like Candy Box.


I still have PTSD from that game.

You can check out CivClicker here.


    There does the remainder of my afternoon... kinda hate you right now! lol

      Works on my Nexus 7 too... not quite perfect, but pretty good

    I will never, ever click on that link. I will lose my job and die alone and hungry.

    I've been at home sick for the last couple days and instead of playing more intensive video games which require my concentration and wits (of which I posses neither, right now), I've been playing this.

    Rest twice already, to build the full pantheon of gods and wonders. How very cookie-clicker'esque.

    The game is nowhere near as deep as Candy Box or Cookie Clicker. I've basically hit the limit of upgrades after less than a day. Now just to wait for the extremely slow wonder progress.

    Oh man, the god of the fields is nowhere like what I thought it would be. I'm thinking some kind of benevolent harvest/fertility god. And sure... one of his upgrades does that. Only, the rest... You burn a wicker man with a villager inside it for a boost of random resources. Your people become able to eat corpses when there is no food available, and you can activate an ability called 'walk the rows' which boosts resource production, at the cost of one villager per tick. A row of villagers sacrificing themselves for The Harvest.

    So eerie.

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