Looks Like Even Major Nelson Disconnected Kinect From His Xbox One!

I've always thought Kinect, as a technology, has the potential to change and transform lives. As part of a video game console? I've had nothing but trouble with it. The voice control works poorly and Kinect integration into games, I think, has been undercooked. I've personally disconnected Kinect and, if the above screencap has anything to say, so has Major Nelson.

In a tweet discussing where to check for the latest Xbox One update info, a few eagle eyes discovered that it looks as though Major Nelson has unplugged his Kinect. (See highlighted red section).

Sure, it could have been disconnected for a number of reasons, and it might not even be a screencap from Major Nelson's Xbox One, but it is a pretty hilarious situation.


    Obviously wouldn't be from Major Nelsons Xbox since this is from an unreleased update that they are probably testing and wouldn't need a Kinect for.

      which brings back to the whole point. Was kinect 2.0 necessary to be bundled together at all? If kinect was not there, it could have a competitive price maybe $450 or $500 which could beat PS4 in terms of price.

      But losing to the powerhouse PS4 in terms of performance, without kinect 2.0 Xbox One may not sell and profit as much. Idk business decisions.

      Back to the point, I have my kinect connected just to auto face login. I rarely speak out when I am playing game so I never had issue with xbox doing weird stuff. Silent playaaaaa

        Just so everyone knows, to unsnap things like party chat from your game screen you have to use voice controls. There is no other way around it at this piont. So if you play online with friends connect must be connected or be prepared to play every game with a party list on the side of your screen.

          What about the big unsnap button on the home screen?

            haha i have not seen that if it exists.....

            I just checked and yes, i stand corrected!!! it must have been in the last update because i am 100% sure it wasn't there. Me and many many others i know had issues with it.

          I played a game with my friend without having party snapped on my screen. How come you can't unsnap it?

          Or you could press B

            Hahaha yeah you can definately unsnap without kinect... WHAT A NOOB!

          Double tapping xbox button switches from screen to snap screen... press b.. or unsnap

    Didn't he try to get into a fight with Angry Joe about how the console and our future as gamers can't work without all these features like always connected Kinect?

      I felt bad watching that, Joe has always gotten on peoples bad sides by asking questions no one wants to answer, but always respectfully, one reason I like him. Come a long way since Geoff Keighley

      Last edited 09/04/14 12:59 am

    Who said that this is from Major Nelsons Xbox?

    Same screen cap is in the above link.

    He does so much talking about the xbox, he is probably sick of his kinect hearing him and responding.

    I don't know what you guys are on about! my Kinect is amazing! Mind you i rarely ever use it during games...but i use it to navigate all the time. I hear my mates yelling into their microphones 'XBOX SNAP!' and i wonder why? All i have to do is gently say xbox (pause) snap. It quickly responds effortlessly to my voice, even when i say it just after saying something else. best of all it seems to when i'm talking about it rather than to it. If i mention something about xbox to some mates it doesn't pick up on it, but when i'm genuinely saying 'xbox' to get its attention, it listens.

    I will admit, the hand gestures don't quite work as well as I want it to...but i have a controller in my hands...why do i need gestures?

      The problem is Australians don't put that pause between words, everything just drawls together like one word, then they get all pissed off that it doesn't hear them and start yelling, making the situation worse.

      I love my Kinect for voice, it's awesome, I use it every day, and would use it more often if I could turn the damn thing on with it (when is this "feature" being enabled for Aus?). As for gestures though, my god the navigation gestures are terrible. They feel worse than the 360.

      Last edited 08/04/14 2:59 pm

        but i am Australian...you're right though, I don't pause between my words. Maybe i just got a lucky kinect? :D
        Totally agree with the turn on thing though. First thing my granparents asked me when I said it's got voice recognition 'so you can say turn on and it will?' that was a disappointing moment.

    I have to say, the best use for the kinect is when watching Netflix or Hulu.

    I usually put whatever show I want to watch on using the controller, then switch the controller off so as not to waste the battery. If I need to pause the video or turn the console off, the voice commands work about 80% of the time.

    If you follow his tweets, he's been travelling recently and is currently away from home, so I doubt that is a screencap of his personal Xbox One from home.

    Yet again you are a moron Mark! Always looking to jump on Xbox's back! Well watch this http://twthereddragon.com/xbox-one-secret-sauce-will-double-performance-dev-claims/

    If Major Nelson doesnt plug in his kinect, how will he play Kinect Sports Rivals?

    Its funny how Major Nelson posts a pic from his xbone that shows his kinect is not plugged in, but all the Xbone boys come running to the Xbones defence.

    People are saying he is travelling at the moment so how can he be using his Xbone. Well its as simple as unplugging the console and packing it into a bag or something. This picture is a picture of Major Nelsons Xbone.
    Major Nelsons career is based on Xbox. Why would he travel for work and not bring the Xbone that has all hisgaming info and data on it.

    Its obvious that Major Nelson is all talk.
    What he says about Xbone and what he believes are 2 very different things. Around release of Xbone, he was talking kinect up to be this great thing. But months later, we find he isnt using kinect along with most Xbone customers.

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