Major Nelson Quizes Phil Spencer About Xbox’s Future

Major Nelson Quizes Phil Spencer About Xbox’s Future

A short while ago, Phil Spencer was announced as the new Head of Xbox. It’s an expanded role in which Spencer, formerly the head of Microsoft Studios EMEA, will lead all divisions of Xbox simultaneously. He recently gave Major Nelson five minutes of his time to talk about the future of Xbox, and there’s some good info there. Both “quality” good, and “yay” good.

It wasn’t too long ago that Stephen Totilo had an interview with the newly appointed Supreme Commander of Xbox, and that’s definitely worth a read, with lots of original info. But it’s also worth watching the below video, which has been circulated, but it has some important stuff from the horse’s mouth on the future of the One.

It’s easy to see why Shuhei Yoshida called him the “most human guy there” — Spencer has no qualms admitting some decisions were wrong, and knows exactly what to do to win gamers back: Remind them that Xbox is a gaming machine, first and foremost.


  • I like the Xbox One a lot, it’s probably because the PS4 is terribly lacking in games… but seriously all they needed to do was a super beefed up XBOX360… Some of the new features and stuff really have screwed with what was great about Xbox Live, for starters Party and Friends even though they said it has been improved, is still incredibly shit…

    • I can only assume that by “lacking” you are referring to the amount of games that you like, not the total quantity. I am pretty sure the PS4 has more games than the Xbox One.

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