Man Speed Runs MGSV: Ground Zeroes Using Nothing But Empty Magazine Clips

Well this is amazing. If you want to see another human being speed run Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes using nothing but empty magazine clips as weapons then this is the post for you!

Perhaps the most satisfying part of this video is the 'ding' noise the clips make when they boink enemies on the head. Gold.

I've only played through Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes once, but this has reminded me that, at some point, I should really take the time to check it out again. I've always had my most rewarding MGS moments on the third or even fourth play through.


    Is that the entire game? <9 mins? One mission?

      After completing the main mission you unlock about 4 side missions. All take place on the same map with varying objectives.

      I took about an hour to play through the main mission + a couple more hours to complete side missions. Didn't try for S ranks on any of them as I suck.

      Was enjoyable, did it's job to get me excited for Phantom Pain, but most definitely was not worth the $50-ish price tag.

        $10 at most you'd think, but noooo .. :\

          It's a bit more than a $10 game. I think half of it is that with reflex mode you can just bumble your way through it to get a 15 minute clear time on everything. The game gets dramatically longer if you're going for speed and rank without using guides. It's still not a $50 game but if you're doing fast/sloppy runs of all the levels and satisfied with a lousy rank, or if you're using guides, you're basically turning the difficulty down to 0 and cheating.

          I paid $20 through the USA store. Worth the price, but theres very little story... which is why i play Metal Gear Solid.
          Kinda a tease really.

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        I took my time first time through, explored, killed in various ways. The C4 supplies you lots of shits and giggles. Especially boobytrapping bodies. But yes 50 was way too steep. 20 would've been a better price.

          $25 on PS3, digital download seemed reasonable to me.

            Paid 39 on ps4 for mine. 25 would be reasonable yeah, cannot argue that. To be honest, I keep replaying it, so 40 wasn't too bad.

            I mean, if we REALLY want to argue game length here, the original Resident Evil 2 could be completed in a speed run in an hour... the original MGS could be completed in like, 90 minutes I think it was?

            It's all about replay value and yeah, this 'demo' has plenty of replay value, so it was worth it in the end.

      And how many hours of practice do you think it takes before you can speed-run it like that?

        People testing it for first time did it in <20min.

    Main storyline cleared in 9 minutes. What about the side missions?

      Depends on the side mission, skill, and wether or not you go for the optional objectives but you could speed run it through in the same amount of time. Keep in mind though this is just speed-running, your normal player would struggle to clear Ground Zeroes in ten minutes as that would be a perfect run-through.

      The main mission took me 246mins, taking it slow.
      The side missions are fun to play, but since their stories are 'non-canon', theres nothing keeping you progressing through them.

    I'm gonna be "that guy" again, in this context "magazine" and "clip" are referring to the same thing ("clip" is technically incorrect but Hollywood uses it anyway), it's like going to the ATM machine to get cash out :P

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