Mark Zuckerberg Tried The PlayStation VR Headset Before Buying Oculus Rift

Is this like the direct equivalent of freaking out inside JB Hi-Fi comparing LCDs to Plasmas a couple of days after decided to buy a Panasonic?

Buyer's remorse. It is a terrible thing. We're guessing that's why Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook asked Sony directly for a demo of Project Morpheus a week before announcing the purchase of its direct competitor the Oculus Rift.

PlayStation marketing executive Guy Longworth revealed this during a talk at the Games Marketing Summit 2014.

"I wish he bought ours," Longworth said, as reported by Gamespot. "All the folks at Oculus have got big smiles on today."

Facebook's purchase of Oculus Rift was approved today by U.S. antitrust.

Project Morpheus in its current state is considered to be comparable to the latest Oculus Rift development kit in terms of latency and resolution and I'm personally keen to get my hands on with both of them, particularly Project Morpheus, since I've had no experience with it, compared to Oculus Rift, which I have tried — and loved.

Realistically, I wonder if the two will be competitors in the end. I suspect Sony, at this stage see it as a PlayStation peripheral, whereas for Facebook, the Rift is a device that will change the world. The key, no doubt, will be in how each company uses that device.

Zuckerberg tried PS4 VR headset a week before Facebook bought Oculus Rift [Gamespot]

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    One is console and another is pc. Wich do you think he would choose?

      They're both just hardware. If he'd bought Morpheus (he could probably afford to buy all of Sony if he wanted) I'm sure they could get it working on PC pretty quick.

        Sony's total assets come to 151 billion:

      Just like the Kinect was for consoles at first right? Didn't prevent anyone from using it on PC though.

    Can't wait for the Morpheus v. Oculus fanboys in a few years. Sit back and watch shit hit the fan all over again.

      in 3D! Splatter all over the place.

    I wish he'd bought yours too Longworth. I actually cared about the Oculus Rift before it was killed off.

    Despite what the Sony rep has stated, I can't imagine Sony would have actually sold theirs to him/Facebook.

    He bought Oculus after trying it because it was the only one on the market. It doesn't mean anything in terms of a meaningful comparison of overall quality - one was on the shelf and one wasn't.


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    I agree with Mark. Look at Kinect. There was all this stuff about how it would be out for PC's and change the world etc. Apart from a few people doing interesting things with hacking the first one, I haven't heard anything.
    I'm expecting Morpheus will be similar - a peripheral for the PS4.

    I think Oculus has a much greater chance for being disruptive in a much wider way. Say what you will about Facebook but having that sort of cash influx can only be a good thing for the company. They don't have to just 'survive' anymore.

    The fact that you can already get dev editions and start playing with them in a huge head start. I really can't wait to see where VR goes in the coming years.

      It's not really that much of a head start - I'm sure developers have their hands on early versions of Morpheus already, too. And I'm sure it'll be hacked to work on PC's within a week of launch anyway.

    I doubt he was looking to buy Sony somehow...

    It makes perfect sense to me, you are looking at buying the Oculus Rift company, Sony announces a similar product. You go try it out to make sure you aren't buying a company that is about to be steamrolled by Sony.
    If the Sony Headset had been miles ahead, then he probably wouldn't have bothered picking up O.R.


      If anything he'd go "OK, there is other people making comparative stuff that also works therefor I am not spending billions on a niche product that will have no market".
      Both these products existing and being good means the tech will develop/improve tech wise and get used by developers, its how any consumer product grows from PC's to phones, microwaves etc.

    No one purchased the kinect it was a usb plug and play and it wasnt rlamazing.

    Aparently 2 comments every 2 hours is too much.

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    VR is and will always be niche

    I don't think he could of chosen to just buy Morpheus. Sony would not sell off something they are prototyping for there long term business needs.

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