Meet The World’s Coolest Character Creation System

Meet The World’s Coolest Character Creation System

When I first saw Korean MMO Black Desert last year, I thought it looked too good to be true. Now it’s looking way too good to be true.

The developers (Pearl Abyss) released this video today showing the game’s character creation suite, and it just blows every other character creation suite in video games out of the water. I don’t care if it’s Skyrim or FIFA, The Sims or Mass Effect, this looks amazing.

Complicated, maybe, but the depth of detail you can go into is astounding. I don’t even want to play this game, I just want to build people for it.

Black Desert is due out on PC sometime later this year.

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  • Cool stuff. I love how the character looks at you while you tweak them, and turns to face you when they can.

    Kinda strange how there’s a decent variety in the male examples, but the female examples are almost all identical young elfin girls with different haircuts and outfits.

  • That’s impressive. Looks like the next logical step above what EVE online did with their character creation system.

    Also I really liked the music. Where they were manipulating the male’s ankle It almost looked like they were turning it into a dance video.

  • Nah man, the best charcter creation was in F1 2005 for the PS2 where you took a bad photo of yourself via the eye toy and it compressed it lifeless and flat onto your drivers face.

    Only too late do I realise I could of taken a photo of anything and used it.

  • That’s pretty awesome — would also be great if they license out the generation system. Games with fully unique characters? Awesome.

  • Call me cynical, but I’d love to see the next game that comes from this – cause I reckon this game spent about 80% of their entire budget on an awesome avatar creation system.

    • They’ve been able to make a very large world for their game, along with a competitive housing system. I’m just happy there is a focus on mounted combat and long distance travel in this game, one of the biggest immersion breakers for me in an mmorpg is teleporting everywhere you want.

  • I notice that Korean or just Eastern MMOs in general possess really elaborate character creation systems compared to the West. Which is a good and bad thing. I remember playing Aion and having the best PvP guild on the server being entirely composed of bobblehead characters.

  • It reminds me of the APB customizing vid that came out a while back before it died and became a F2P mmo. I wish a 3rd person action game could have something this deep for the character creation 😀

  • Is the game itself any good? Also, I suppose you’d need Korean internet speeds to play Korean games.

  • I do love me a good character creation system. Unfortunately in some games it doesn’t seem to be of much use, once you get full face armour, well, it becomes a waste of time. It’s nice in games like Mass Effect where you see your creation up close and talking with others, but Mass Effect’s implementation leaves a lot to be desired (the fact the customisation basically stops after you create your face, springs to mind).

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