Metal Gear Solid Trailer Recut Will Give You Chills

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain's 12-minute-long trailer has inspired a lot of people lately. Here's YouTuber José Mellinas and his edit: a trailer for the first Metal Gear Solid, in the style of the upcoming one.

He should do one for every MGS title. This one really gave me chills.

Metal Gear Solid Trailer - MGS5 Style [YouTube]


    Not a bad video. Metal Gear still manages to get me in the feels every time.

    I actually just sat down and started playing through all the old Metal Gear Solid games a few days ago. Sure the graphics may be dated as hell, the controls are clunky, and the voice acting can be a bit hokey at times compared to modern standards, but damn if it's not fun.

    This just makes me miss Snake's original voice :(

    I love Keifer, but hearing him in Ground Zeroes made me feel like I was playing Metal Gear Solid starring Jack Bauer!

      I dunno, as long as they keep Kiefer for Big Boss, but any future game with Solid Snake or any clone of Solid Snake being David Hayter, I'm ok with that? I thought Kiefer suited Big Boss just fine.


    ...and also LoL. The melodromatic music is so perfect. SO DRAMATIC! :P

    If only it had said Revolver Ocelot underneath Revolver Ocelots name it would have been perfect

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