My Dream Space Game Is Actually Happening

My Dream Space Game Is Actually Happening

So last year we got a look at a game called Enemy Starfighter. By combining the space action of Lucasarts' classic X-Wing series with both the visual style and strategy of Homeworld, it looked too good to be true.

And hey, it still might be, but development continues. Just look at this trailer. Pretty damn slick for such a (relatively) small production, but it's ticking all the boxes: space action, gorgeous visuals, a layer of strategic command over the top and, best of all, Oculus Rift support.

It will be playable at PAX East, with Oculus Rift attached, so if you're there go check it out!

Enemy Starfighter [Site, via PC Gamer]


    "Share this kill with you're friends to reload you're missiles!"

      "Share this kill with you're friends to reload you are missiles!"

        "Share this kill with you are friends to reload you are missiles!"

    I have to ask, but is this really a space combat game? Because looking at that trailer apart from spotting the occasional asteroid. I did not feel like I was watching something that was set in space, It doesn't really look like it is just feels really terrestrial I guess.

      +1 needs more moons (its not alien/sci-fi/space unless there's more than one moon).

      It looks like everything's happening in a cloudy atmosphere with no gravity. Inside a nebula or something? I agree with you, I'd like to see them step the clouds back a bit and give me stars if it's a space game. Ideally take a long look at the beautiful skyboxes they have for each system in Eve Online.

        The game borrows heavily from the Homeworld art direction which tended to have very bright backrounds, tending to be situated in nebulae, dust clouds or other stellar phenomena yet still very much in space.


    Star Citizen... That is all.

    Or just go to the Star Citizen booth at PAX and play the crap out of the dog fighting module. I know which of the two options I'd take

      Hush now, We can always use more Spacesims.
      Why not enjoy both?

    Umm any newtonian physics used or does space now defy logic and has friction.

    Space combat is hard, you either have massive speed and engage fleet to fleet in millisecond passes or you start firing at massive range where even the speed of a laser is definable and slow.

    I guess you either go the warfare described in a David Weber novel vs. say the style of Evan Currie, mix in a bit of Jack Campbell style ... i wish

      Alternatively the game is supposed to be about arcade fun, like TIE Fighter, instead of getting Newtonian physics right. There's a place for games with 'realistic' space combat, but there's also a place for Star Wars "WW2 in space" style fights.

        Realistic space combat exists? I figured that every space fighter game was arcade style with the realism part coming from upgrading your ship, doing jobs and working the space syndicate ala Freelancer

          The X series is supposed to be physically (physicsly...ha) realistic IIRC, never got into it, controls too damned hard.

    These days anything that reminds me of wing commander or freespace 2 gives me an instant nostalgia boner.

    Are they from the Homeworld team, or using their assets or? I mean, it's more than just an homage..

    When is this coming out?!?!?!?

    For anyone who might not know, there's a free fan-made game called Diaspora. It's built on the open-source Freespace 2 engine, and has a great physics and combat system, nice graphics (especially for such an old engine), and a decent story line based on Battlestar Galactica. It's not a huge download, and it's free, so check it out

    As long as we can do some Crazy Ivan-type maneuvers, I'll be happy. :D

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