New Ace Attorney Game Announced, Series Goes Back In Time

New Ace Attorney Game Announced, Series Goes Back In Time

When Nintendo said the next Ace Attorney game would be "totally different", they weren't kidding.

The Great Ace Attorney is the newest entry in the legal drama series, and in a change of place it goes back in time to Japan's Meiji period, putting you in the shoes of one of Phoenix Wright's ancestors.

It's coming to the 3DS.


    Oh wow, this sounds incredible!

    You know what would be better?


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      English patch progress for Ace Attorney investigations 2. Last time I checked case 1 and 2 were complete and I can't fault the quality of the translation.

    Would be amazing if the Fey clan are in the story as well. Here's hoping they bring this out west, I can imagine the localisation being a nightmare though.

    And yes still not giving up hope on AAI2........ T_T

      Naturally. While it worked in Ace Attorney 1, after that it became harder to believe that the game was set in Chicago as opposed to Tokyo. This game will be way too hard to convince us otherwise.

        I laughed for about 10 minutes straight after I first read that Awkward Zombie comic. That last panel...

    So, uh... is this game's location taking place in Japan? or "America"?

      It says, Japan's Meiji era. If it was the US, it would be around the Civil War

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        Which is localisation code word for "China town" in Chicago

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