New Call Of Duty DLC Has Snoop Dogg Announce Your Kills

Wait, what? A few things. Why does this exist and why didn't this already exist? Regardless of the answers to these pressing questions, Call of Duty: Ghosts now officially has the best announcer in all of first-person shooters.

The lines weren't written by Snoop Dogg, but they may as well have been considering how naturally he seems to be reading them out. I'm used to the overly dramatic tones of Halo games, but I think I need Snoop Dogg to narrate all of my video game kills from here on out.

The multiplayer voice pack featuring Snoop Dogg releases on April 22 on Xbox Live, with other platforms to follow.

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    We had Ghosts for a while, ended up selling it. Enjoyed BLOPS 2 multiplayer modes far more... is it just me or does it feel like they're just being random as fuck for Ghosts multiplayer modes?

      Yeah, I finished the campaign on Veteran, getting every achievement along the way, and that didn't take very long. Then I took it back and swapped it for something else after having one go of multiplayer. With Battlefield 4, Plants Vs. Zombies: GW, and now Titanfall who needs Ghosts multiplayer, EA are really on a roll at the moment.

        Very much this. Midyear we are getting an xbo. Cant wait to start playing its exclusives. Love my ps4 but love being multiplatform more :) platform agnostic ftw!

      Lol I totally agree everything they are doing with these new DLC packs seems like they are desperately trying to save their franchise. I stopped playing this game because i have had no end of trouble finding games, connecting to the servers its just been non-stop hassle and personally i am enjoying watching these fools trying so damn hard to keep their fans playing. When destiny comes out and brings with it a whole new way to play FPS games i hope call of duty turns to dust.

        They made the wise decision to retire Guitar Hero, but we all know that will come back eventually. Im OK with that to be honest. Give the game a rest for 5 years, come back for a one off, maybe a sequel or two, then retire again for five years. That's awesome. They SHOULD do the same with COD. It's time to go COD.

        BUT some parts of it can live on. Activision have a great multiplayer component in Nazi Zombies, they should keep that part going on as an online download. I love NZ. Treyarch since WAW have really been upping their game in terms of their side bits in the games. So if they could scrap COD, keep NZ, I'd be so happy.

        I agree with you @pangolin1987 and I agree @evilmonkey, other games are now taking the COD multiplayer, looking at it, seeing what works, taking those parts and scrapping what didn't. Titanfall is a great example of this. I'll put money down that within 2 years - 3 years we hear that COD is being retired for a while, especially given GHOSTS hasn't sold that well in comparison.

          Apparently Harmonix has stated that Rock Band will be making comeback at some point this gen. Can't link to the article now coz I'm on my phone.

            I'm all for that, it's been a few years. If it's a stripped back, bare bones Rockband, I'd love to see it. It was all the extra extraneous bullshit that ruined both series.

    With so much drama at In-fin-i-ty, I'm kind of glad they landed Snoop D. O. Double G.

    Not going to lie. This makes me want to get COD

      Yeah I almost wanna pick it up just for old Snoop.

        predator and snoop? all they need now is some lil b music tbh

    All of his homies play this? I need to get it Call of Dog: Ghosts!!!!!!!

    This makes me lol at how fucking stupid games are getting.

    So need Ice Cube as a pack now just like blops damn man cant wait :P

    I got the Devastation DLC, played each map once, then went straight back to Titanfall.
    Titanfall has killed COD Ghosts for me now.
    The next COD will have to do something special to get me back to that franchise.

    Has Snoop Dogg actually done anything worthwhile musically recently?

      Has he done anything worthwhile ever?

      If COD wasn't already dead to me, it would be now.

        Yep 30 million album sales worldwide, That's 30 million more than you.

    Don't you mean snoop lion?

      If referring to his reggae music, yes. His other music he's just Snoop Dogg.

        But this is referring to him as a person, and as a person his name is now snoop lion.

          He'd be Snoop Dogg, unless he was in his Snoop Lion character for this..

    So gimmicky.
    Aliens, Predator, Michael Myers, Snoop Dog.

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