New Game From The Creators Of Guacamelee Looks Wickedly Twisted

New Game From The Creators Of Guacamelee Looks Wickedly Twisted

This is Severed, a game where the heroine has to put herself back together. Literally.

Drinkbox Studios — makers of last year’s well-loved luchadore action-platformer Guacamelee — just revealed their next game via the very flashy trailer above. It looks like it’s headed to touchscreen devices, based on the gestural input prompts seen in the clip. Here’s how Drinkbox describes the game:

In Severed, you play as a distraught warrior, who is lost in a fantastical world. She is tasked with the challenge of knitting together pieces of her story from both the past and the future. Our heroine will embark on a journey through a surreal non-linear world using a gesture based combat mechanic to defeat enemies in this first person adventure. Unlock new abilities, discover secrets of the land, and grow in power as you master both offensive and defensive techniques. Let Severed be your mystery to unravel.

There’s a more in-depth look at Severed over at Destructoid so head over there for more details.


  • I’m behind everything on this except everything being touch based, but that being said I have some hope for it. Seeing as they are targeting touch based platforms, mobile is obvious, but Drinkbox have spoke very highly of the Vita recently and so that is likely to be a given. Perhaps 3DS and Wii U will also get a run too.

    What I hope though, is that if the game does come to a platform with buttons, they do use some of them, for me I think this game could be really quite amazing if they do a couple of things.

    Movement within the world is kept to the D-Pad…

    Combat stays with the touch based stuff and I wish that combat is made up with the general swipes and things like that, but also symbols for special weapons of attacks, similar to that of Okami. Okami on the Vita would be godly, and I could see Severed working in a similar way, obviously as long as the gestures worked well enough.

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