Not The Fastest Super Mario Bros. 3 Speedrun. Surely The Prettiest.

Nintendo just released their classic platformer Super Mario Bros 3 for Wii U and 3DS yesterday. The NES classic probably looks great on the company's current hardware. Good for them. But SMB3 looks utterly amazing in this 4K resolution tool-assisted speedrun posted on YouTube.

A/V specialist Andy Dick creates insanely upscaled versions of old games for his Atlas Vids YouTube channel, with clips of old-school titles like BattleToads and Zombies Ate My Neighbours running in widescreen formats. Seeing retro titles like Super Mario Bros. 3 in such amazing detail give them new life, making them seem as vast as our imaginations made them feel when we first played them. Click the little gear in the lower right-hand corner of the video and crank up the resolution up, up, up. Gorgeous, ain't it?


    Surely the prettiest version of Super Mario 3 by far!

    No wait... The Mario All Stars Version would be -

    Uh. Seems like a waste of resolution and bandwidth to me.

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