Now This Is How You Troll Clueless Marketers

Now This Is How You Troll Clueless Marketers

Say you're a video game developer. You get one of those annoying email blasts from some corporate marketing firm that wants you to pay them for their vague services.

You could ignore it. You could delete it. You could report it for spam.

Or, if you're Davey Wreden, creator of The Stanley Parable, you could respond in the best way possible, sending a series of not-so-subtle troll emails that somehow manage to keep this poor marketer responding, no matter how ridiculous they get.

Read this whole thing. Trust me — it's worth your time. (Click "expand" on the image to see a bigger version.)

Now This Is How You Troll Clueless Marketers


    This whole thing only becomes better when you read the whole thing in the voice from The Stanley Parable.

    I will always consider you a friend. I hope you never forget me, just as I will never forget the joy you have brought into my life. Thank you again, for everything.

    This is now my signoff for all corporate correspondence henceforth.

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    I just wish he hadn't started the last email with the declining of further business, so the advertiser would have to waddle through the pile of crap of the other two paragraphs only to find out that he had wasted his or her time. As it is, is likely that the person stopped reading right after.

    Awesome. Actually, it reminds me of David Thorne's stuff.

    You might aswell be Albert Einstein, this is brilliant.

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