Of *Course* RZA From The Wu-Tang Clan’s Favourite Game Features Martial Arts

The Wu-Tang Clan have always been fans of video games, to the point where they were part of a fairly decent fighting game Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style on the original PlayStation. Unofficial group leader and producer RZA ran an Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit today and, in that thread, revealed his favourite video game of all time.

Surprisingly (and also kind of unsurprisingly) that video game is Tekken. More precisely he’s a fan of the whole series, and continues to buy it no matter what.

“Well it’s hard to say your favorite video game,” he said, “but one game I’ve been buying for years and continue to buy every version they make is Tekken.”

At one point the RZA even tried to buy a Tekken arcade machine along with Method Man.

“Actually, when Wu-Tang first started making money, me and Method Man came to Manhattan and went to the place where they sell real pinball machines and video games, and we tried to buy a Tekken to bring home to our house. And they wouldn’t sell it to us at that time. Method Man would [sic] up getting one though. I wound up getting a pinball machine.”

You can check out the AMA in its entirety here.

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