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Well, the fourth season of Game of Thrones kicked off last night in Australia. Thoughts?

I thought it was a pretty good episode. Season openers are a tricky business. You have to move the action, but you also have to reintroduce characters, almost all of them, and re-establish their situation, etc. In that sense, the episode seemed to barrel along nicely, despite a few lines of dodgy exposition here and there, it all felt skilfully done.

So far so good.

What did you all think? And be warned, people who have read the books: kindly avoid dropping spoilers in the comments. It's not a very nice thing to do!


    Curious to know if non readers picked up on the some of the plot lines that will dominate this season. I want predictions about some of the characters that appeared last night.

      I'm biting my tongue so hard right now. This season will be :D

      I have to bite my tongue everytime someone has a theory about plot lines from this episode. This season will be the best one yet.

    I really like the portrayal of Prince Oberyn, he gives the whole revenge scenario more spice. Knowing what will come next and how it will happen, leaves me wanting more GoT!

      Martells tearing shit up is all I want for the next couple of seasons.

    Was good - particularly the scenes with Jaime Lannister.

    @hungryhendo - I'm guessing that necklace will become a big issue.

      Jaime has *really* developed as a character. From a smug arrogant asshole, to a conflicted man, tortured by his past actions, wanting to redeem his soul by shedding himself of the trappings that surround him. Possibly the most layered character on the show. Him and Tyrion are definitely my favorites.

        Yeah - I can't believe I thought he was one-dimensional in the first few episodes! He's one of my favorites too!

          It was most likely on purpose of course. I think we were most likely meant to see him at his very worst. Now we're seeing him on his journey to being his very best. Hoping he doesn't die!

            I full expect he'll try to fight someone with his left hand in an act of foolish bravado, and get his head cut off in the process.

    There were quite a few shots and moments that looked like they belonged in Days of our Lives, but I'm forgiving it on the basis of the aforementioned points. No more soapie shots allowed from now on GoT!

    I'm being reminded (THIS TIME WITH MOVING PICTURES!) of how oberyn martell is a brilliant character, and I actually like this actor's rendition; it left me wanting to see more. Needless to say that the way he struts around king's landing without even a tad of fear for the lannisters is devilishly entertaining.

    It was an enjoyable episode overall; reminders on all fronts (such as Arya's) of how things will only get even more interesting.

    So it turns out Bruce Willis was a ghost the entire time?

    I'm going to watch that episode today. Really looking forward to it. I thought last seasons was a bit ordinary when compared to the seasons one and two.

    I thought I'd do a bit of an experiment with this season. Basically I went ahead and read all of the main spoilers for this season. I figured I'd watch and judge the show on the story and character development, as opposed to relying on the shock value and whatnot.

    All I can say is if last nights ep was any indication of this seasons quality, we are in for a great season!

    That last scene with Arya was just such delicious revenge porn - loved it. She's an awesome character - I haven't read the books, but now there's two characters I really hope manage to live through the series.

      Who's the second?
      Arya's been one of my faves since the hints way back that she will join the face-changing assassins

        Tyrion, just because he's a cool cat and I dig his style, but I have a feeling he might cark it in the end.

        No book spoilers please! I have no idea who actually lives or dies, and I'm happy for it to be that way, although based on past events my expectations are that Valar Morghulis. :D

          Yeah right, I shoulda guess Half-man. Who doesn't love him :)
          I've not read the books at all neither, so you won't be getting any spoilers from me for sure.
          My only basis for Arya joining those assassins is that she got that coin thing for finding the dude again and she seems to have a thing for revenge killing ;)

          Last edited 08/04/14 12:49 pm

      I thought it was tragic- she's lost all of her innocence, and connection to her family, and is morphing into a vicious killer.

      Of course, if you know where it's heading... Valar Morghulis.

        It is tragic but that's because her circumstances are tragic. So much of this terribleness has been thrust open her and she's now taking what are really the only logical steps to protect her future.

    I liked it. It helps that two of my favourite arcs kick off here the adventures of Daenerys and Sansa becoming characters who aren't lame, but Oberyn was pretty fantastic, and the scene with Tyrion failing at being diplomatic was great.

    Oh, and the Queen of Thorns continues to steal every scene she's in.

    So, I liked it, but then, I'm a fanboy, so my opinion is virtually guaranteed.

    I really liked the Red Viper portrayal, very true to the books. I also like the new Daario recasting, despite the fact there's STILL no blue beard. Oh well..

    BUT I don't get why they turned the Thenn into barbarian cannibals who cut themselves.. They're supposed to be the most advanced of the free folk beyond the Wall, I think they took a bit too much dramatic license with their portrayal.

    Overall, it was a tightly directed and well written episode. Pretty keen for the rest :)

      Yeh that intro of the Thenns was a bit dumb

      Agree about the Thenns. I thought it was a culturally insensitive portrayal. (And yes, I'm aware they're completely fictional :-P )

    IT felt more like a 60 minute recap than a new episode. I think it felt a little flat.

    Agree on the couple of bits of clumsy exposition, but all in all it built nicely, and covered a fair bit of ground, while teasing nicely - signs and portents ahoy.

    My other half brought the GoT cheatsheet home from MX (character relationship chart thing) and we promptly grabbed a red pen to cross out the dead ones... :-)

    I was a little annoyed they changed the actor for Daario Naharis. I don't understand why this was needed.

      The original actor left the show to replace Jason Statham in the coming Transporter movies.

    Have yet to see the episode, but judging by peoples comments I have a feeling they won't be Finished with book 3 by the end of the season. Too much going on to fit in one season without getting lost and losing some of the quality that future scenes will bring.

      Nah they definately will be done with book 3, the show runners and GRRM said so...

    Really good series return. The opening scene where Tywin is having Ice reforced and burning the body of Rob's direwolf to the soft tones of Rains of Castamere made me HATE THAT SON OF A BITCH SO MUCH even though I think he's a pretty awesome bad guy.

    Also the Hound is marvellous.

      I thought that was Ice's sheath?

        No it's Ned Starks wolf pelt, he wore it draped around him... it was to symbolize tywins smug victory over house stark...

        Jesus you can even see it in your picture you posted...

        Oh yeah, I forgot about Ice's sheath. I just saw fur and assumed direwolf corpse.

    I decided to read the books a few months ago so this is the first season where I know what's going to happen. It takes out some of the surprise and excitement from the show, but at least I can rest easy now that I don't have to do my best to avoid spoilers.

    The first episode was good but like you said, it's still a first ep, so hopefully all the really good episodes will come later in the season.

      Saaaame! That end scene in the inn was one I was looking forward to, its kind of exciting when you see those scenes coming to life, knowing how theyre going to unfold. Different kind of excitement, I suppose

      I think the books do so much more than the show could ever hope to. I had to tell my wife what Caitlyn Stark was upset about in the last season because most of her mood is conveyed through inner monologue re: Rob and his wife.

      In the books you also get teased into believing Arya was killed as well and it lasted for two or so chapters so for a good half hour of reading you though most of the Starks were completely gone.

    being a poor guy that is not willing to get ripped by foxtel. My episode is still downloading.


      *heh* Welcome to our ranks...

    If any more words come out your cunt mouth, I’m gonna have to eat all the chickens.

      I also liked 'Your a talker. Talker's make me thirsty' *reaches over and sculls his beer*

      Last edited 08/04/14 3:08 pm

        i've been waiting for that scene for years and they pretty much did the best job imaginable.

    Well. Absolutely nothing happened besides Arya getting a horse and Jamie getting a hand. The Hound was awesome as per.

    There is just SO much filler in the show. It takes SOOOO long to get anywhere.

    Vikings on the other hand ... oh lordie. My number one show at the moment by a long way. BLOOD EAGLE.

    Enjoying it, up to the usual standard as far as I'm concerned. I am questioning some of the violence after reading about how it differs from the books, e.g. crucified children

      as far as I understand the only real difference was the statues were removed before kalisi saw them, but they did still exist in the books.

    There's no Strong Belwas. It's a poor adaptation.

    I dropped a bunch of spoilers on my Facebook page last night and lost 50 friends. Friends well lost.

      Book spoiler below so beware

      all my facebook friends are calling for a spin off for arya and the hound, i wish i can tell them what happens (which thanks to the awesome idea of protracting their storyline will be coming pretty soon)

    Love the show, love the books even more! Get cracking george :-)

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