OK, Yes, South Park: The Stick Of Truth Is Worth Playing

OK, Yes, South Park: The Stick Of Truth Is Worth Playing

Here’s the bad news: South Park: The Stick of Truth is still full of bugs. In fact, yesterday, after patching Obsidian’s latest role-playing game and jumping back in for the first time since early March, I discovered a new one: Cartman’s walking animation stopped working, leading to some hilarious moments as I dragged an inert, zombie-like fat kid around the town of South Park, trying to get his feet moving again.

That’s on top of previous errors I ran into on the Xbox 360 version of Stick of Truth, including a crippling stuttering glitch that throttled my game’s framerate every time I took a few steps.

Unfortunately, Obsidian’s got no new patches planned for the immediate future, and it doesn’t seem like they’re planning on fixing the stuttering issue that came close to ruining my whole experience.

So this seems like a good time to revisit our review. NOT YET turns into YES.

Why? Because when I ask myself “even knowing that these issues won’t be fixed, would I still tell a friend to play Stick of Truth?” the answer is always yes. It’s a great game, with top-notch writing, smart level design, and ridiculous battles that never overstay their welcome. Though I waited to recommend it in hopes that the folks at Obsidian would fix some of those bugs — and though I still wish that would happen — Stick of Truth‘s merits outweigh its technical flaws. This one’s a yes.


  • Honestly I’ve never experienced any of these bugs you talk about, not one? I might suggest honestly reformatting your PC, updating your drivers and seeing if these bugs still plague you. Just to see if the bugs are actually from the game and not your setup?

    *edit* Xbox 360 version… *facepalms self* Dumbass I am…

      • And that’s what I get for not reading the article properly! LOL. Damn me. I’ve been writing essays all morning, skimming friggin’ articles and then took a break to read kotaku. *GAH*

    • That being said I didn’t really come across any bugs on the 360 version… and I generally didn’t notice that “stuttering” bug myself. I mean it might have been there but I personally didn’t notice it xD

      The closest to a “bug” that I got would be the game auto skipping Timmy’s fast travel animation everytime I used it… not that thats a big deal since you would be likely to skip it anyway after several uses =P

      • I wonder if that’s got anything to do with different 360 models? The older process vs the new one with the different cooling etc?

      • Yup, didn’t see much stuttering at all in the 360 version (certainly not “crippling” anyway, it always felt responsive), but only got to see the Timmy animation once per play through. Played on the elite black 360 with the game installed on my “not official MS” hd

  • The game wasn’t worth playing even bug free, the humour was bad even by southpark standards the gameplay was monotonous and repetitive, skills were useless and the weapons and armour did nothing as 90% of it was trash thanks to a few overpowered stats.

    The game was a bad Rpg in every sense and it was crazy short. There isn’t a single person outside a die hard southpark who thinks ALL episodes are funny I would suggest the game too and even then I’d warn them off.

    • Well you would be the first person i’ve seen say something negative about Stick of Truth, besides the author who has the bug problem but still, Stick of Truth was freaking Amazing. Not a die hard South Park fan, only watched the first 5 seasons but thought It was classic South Park Humor and enjoyed every bit of it, even started watching it again. The mechanics of the fighting i agree wasn’t 100% great but still even with that i would rate it a 9.5/10. I suggest just not telling anyone about the game and let people decide for themself because like i said, i hardly have heard anything negative about stick of truth because according to critics, reviewers and players it was Freaking Amazing.

    • Loved every part of it. Great RPG, awesome humour and loved the battle system. Had me laughing more than some episodes of the show. Sorry you feel this way about the game 🙁

    • I like South Park in general. Won’t say I love every episode because some DO fall flat. This game however, did not. Fun times were had.

  • …I imported the PS3 version so it wasn’t censored ( and locked like the US 360 version ) and had no problems with anything, ever! the only annoying part was missing that one Chinpokomon in the Spaceship.

  • I loved Stick of Truth, been one of my favourite games so far this year. I did get one major bug where Butters’ Professor Chaos attack froze up, but the experience was still worthwhile.

  • I still find it rather amusing that the whole censoring of the “abortion” mini game (which wasn’t really an abortion… more of a molest randy simulation xD) was rendered rather pointless near the end when you have to do the exact same mini game again for a pivotal story point that can’t be covered/censored xD

    • That was hilarious. Luckily I had already looked up the censored scenes anyway, so I was prepared.

  • No idea what bugs you’re running into here, I didn’t experience any bugs at all, which is a MAJOR change over previous Obsidian titles. Overall I found the game very good, and would highly recommend.

    My only gripe with it, is they still bent over to the censors in Australia. They like to make a stand in the USA against censorship, yet here in Australia they’ll cave in without even fighting. Seriously, just sell us the full game online, what are they going to do?

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