One Of The Scariest Games Ever Made Is About To Get A Sequel... On The Wii U

The Fatal Frame series is pretty well known for scaring the ever-loving bejeebus out of anyone who dares play it, particularly Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. Now a fresh sequel is being planned, surprisingly for the Wii U, and I totally approve.

Tecmo Koei and Nintendo are reportedly working together on the project.

It makes sense. Easily the most interesting mechanic in Fatal Frame was using the camera to find and fight ghosts. I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that the Wii U controller is going to be used in much the same way as it was in ZombiU, as something that scans the screen for ghosts — essentially playing the role of the 'camera'. It seems like a match made in heaven. I'm going to tempt fate here and say that it's almost impossible to screw up!

[Please don't screw it up]


    Why is this a surprise, Nintendo BOUGHT the publishing rights to Fatal Frame a few years ago

    does the WiiU gamepad tablet thing have a camera on it?

    coz then you could overlay ghosts onto your actual, real life, surroundings, not just the tv screen... it'd be rad if you had to hunt & fight ghosts in your loungeroom. or depending on the range of the tablet, all around your house.

    might be tricky & all that, but it'd be cool.

      D: No it wouldn't be cool. I'd have to salt and burn my house down before I could ever sleep again!

      Please don't do that :(. I won't be able to sleep anymore after playing it for hours with ghosts appearing on my bed.

      Unfortunately it only has a camera on the touchscreen side, to look at the player.

      But I guess you could use that for looking at ghosts over your shoulder :P

        Oh man that would suck even worse. I can just imagine glancing down at the Gamepad after playing for a while only to see something fly past my shoulder.....I don't think the gamepad would survive the subsequent toss at the wall.

      nope, but the vita does and it can be used the same way as the gamepad, so theres a missed opportunity

      They did something similiar a few years ago on the PSP with the camera attachment, but it wasnt ghosts, its was Pokemon style monsters.
      Wish i could remember what it was called...

      Its called Invizimals, Dr google has advised me

      Last edited 22/04/14 5:06 pm

      There was the one on the 3DS. It was actually a problem because it used AR and a book. You needed a light room to use the book properly and a dark room to fight the ghosts.
      It sounds like an awesome idea but it is hard to implement. I think the only successful version was the mobile game that was released in japan. You could fight ghosts in your surroundings and discover non-threatening ghost too.

    Well, you could still hold it up to your TV and be forced to look around the game world that way, just like they did with ZombiU and the scanning objects in front of you.

    This was meant for @35 but the commenting system broke -.-

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    Great! And then watch as just after release they anounce that there will be no english release for this new Fatal Frame/Project Zero!

    Yes... i'm still annoyed over Ninty cancelling No.4 for the Wii. =_=

      Same here. I thought about importing a copy and using the fan made translation, but copies are far too expensive now, so that option is out. T_T

        Not the smartest of ideas. I own it and can't use the fan translation on my red wii. If you have anything other then a white wii, you're out of luck. And if your white wii was sold when black ones were out, it won't work.

          Thanks for that info. That certainly makes me think twice about getting a copy. I have a black Wii, so I take it the fan translation wouldn't work on that, huh? T_T

            Yeah, it won't work on a black wii.
            My suggestion is to buy the game if you want it as part of your collection, otherwise use a dolphin emulator as it does work on that.

    I'm sure @scree would be interested to see this

      I saw it, but on a facebook fan page. I hope that Ninty UK pushes for it

    If the gamepad is being used as we all suspect it will be, we are one step closer to Pokemon Snap U...

      I would get that!

      If we do see it, I'm thinking it will either be a smaller downloadable game of the original one updated to work with the pad (and maybe updated graphics).

      But a whole new game would be great.

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