One Very Good Reason To Play Co-Op On Your PC

One Very Good Reason To Play Co-Op On Your PC

Well, this is a pleasant surprise. Mashed, an arcade racer released on Xbox and PS2 (and in some places PC) a decade ago, just hit Steam. This, along with Broforce, are two very good reasons to start using your PC for local co-op.

While there's a singleplayer experience to be had, the real joy with Mashed was/is in its local multiplayer, which comes closer than any other game to matching the madness found in the classic Micro Machines racing game.

Racing from a top-down perspective, it's a brutal game, but one stage in particular — the snow/ice level — remains my absolute favourite multiplayer arena.

It's less than $US5 right now as part of a launch special.


    Had this on xbox. Used to spend hours raging at mates in teeth gritting matches. Some of the best multilayer fun I've ever enjoyed.

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