Our First Look At Titanfall Xbox 360 In Action

Our First Look At Titanfall Xbox 360 In Action

Don’t worry about the fuzzy screenshot there. It’s just a still from a live Twitch stream of Titanfall on the Xbox 360 being played right now.

EliteXbox360Gaming promises HD video footage will be going up on their channel soon. Until then, they’re streaming live.

Commenter YepYep also pointed out this archive of the game being played on the Xbox 360 earlier, which might be more exciting than waiting on menus.


  • Twitch Stream appears to be down, and archived videos are gone. Maybe Microsoft’s come down on them quick-smart?

    • Was watching it earlier. Compared some of the battlegrounds to the xbox one battlegrounds. They’re *super* bare in comparison, like, barely any detail on the ground from what I could tell? I could be wrong but it looks like the detail went mostly into the walls, the titans, the soldiers etc, but the grounds been largely ignored.

  • Any sort of impressions or analysis? Does it seem to suffer in comparison to the XB1/PC version, any obvious compromises?

  • It’s a funny thing – I’m a graphics nut and I’ll pay through the nose to get the best GPU so I can turn all the extras on, but when you’re playing a game, especially a fast multiplayer game, you don’t even notice the graphics, it’s all about the play. Singleplayer games definitely need all the eye candy they can get, but as long as a competitive game delivers the FPS then I’m happy.

    I hear there’s performance issues on the Xbox One version (?), if that’s the case they should downgrade a bit to ensure a smooth experience.

    • thatsnot true

      ive noticed that my 2100res ultra settings BF4 looks really shit compared to some xbox footage

      because the hardware is more crap they have to be more savvier to make the game look better

      the end result is i get alot of detail with crap draw distance and dropped frame rates compared to lower detailed textures on the console but everything is super smooth

      im starting to give up on “realistic textures” after waiting 10 years games are starting to go backwards. Games like crysis used to wow me, but things havent moved for 5 years

      so might as well forgo all that for performance

      The crappier experience severely impacts my gameplay as i strain my eyes to look for enemies etc

      • Yeah of course, but if I could only have one in a multiplayer game, I’d always choose performance.

        I actually played through all of Crysis averaging about 15-20 fps because my computer couldn’t run it any better, and for that game it never really bothered me, but something fast like Titanfall needs the fps. If the 360 version can deliver that at least then I think it would be worth playing.

        • To be fair I would choose FPS as well. I don’t see how they could make Titanfall not run at 60FPS though, it feels just like the same old COD engine from what I have played.

          Its certainly no BF4 in terms of graphics.

          • Yeah it really does feel like the CoD engine, but that’s just because the devs have tweaked it to be like that – it’s actually the Source Engine, which apart from Valve games isn’t really used by anyone. Both Source and the IW Engine (Cod engine) have a basis in the Quake engine funnily enough, though by now there’s probably very little to none of that remaining in them.

            Yeah I know what you mean about the BF4 comparison. It’s not an ugly game at all, but for the map sizes I would have thought it would run better or be a bit prettier.

  • I’m hoping it’s decent enough for me and a mate to renew our Xbox live subscription for a month or so need a new Fps to play since he hasn’t got a ps4 yet

  • I’m actually surprised at how barren this looks. I’m playing, and enjoying, Titanfall on PC at the moment, and its very mediocre graphically. I’d put it on about the same level as Crysis. Maybe slightly better lighting. I really expected that the 360 could pull it off.

    Edit: After watching it a bit more, its actually not that bad. I think maybe some of the levels are better than others.

    • Crysis is mediocre graphically? What?

      My Titanfall looks pretty impressive and it’s not even set to Max

      • Crysis is almost seven years old. As much as I like Titanfall, I wouldn’t rate it graphically or artistically (I’m playing on Max). The character models are genuinely no better than the original Crysis, and the environments haven’t really pushed the envelop either.

  • What about the Xbox audio quality?
    Does the 35/40GB of extra data (‘uncompressed audio’) on the Xbone and PC versions provide a better experience? Or just unnecessary bloat; cause in next-gen, bigger is better.

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