People Sure Do Hate When You Narrate Their Life

I suppose the guys at Mega64 couldn't get enough of The Stanley Parable, because they decided to go out and narrate a bunch of people's lives to their faces. The results weren't too friendly.

Mega64 [YouTube]


    Mega64 have the biggest, steeliest balls in the world. I could never do any of the stuff they do, and although it's super immature, I totally wish I could. I'm pretty sure they've been arrested like 10 times.

    That was fantastic. At least that one guy with the trolleys got it and ended up playing along with them lol. The other guys were just a pack of douchebags. And wtf was with that christian lady!? Then again... didn't stanley just answer his own question...

    Stanley sat at his keyboard pondering this...

    He looked around him, reading the text on the screen, deciding 'Do I upvote or downvote? Or do I just leave it...' it was a rather important question to him...

    Stanley wondered... he moved in his chair, for that was all he had at the moment, his movements in his chair. For the day was drawing to a close and Stanley was already relaxing for the impending weekend...

    Enjoy your weekend Stanley... enjoy it. You've earnt it.

      Logged in just to upvote this, thanks for the laugh!

      I wouldn't call that a christian lady exactly. In america doesn't really matter what religion you are, they tend to say christ this and chris that all the time.

      Similar to how in japan you would get married in a church, then go to temple on NYE they're not buddhist or christian it's just a cultural thing

    The results weren't too friendly
    Who would have thought filming a bunch of people without their consent would generally get a negative response?


      There's difference between a negative response and a crazy response.

    Wonder if they ever followed up on crazy lady with legal action? I'd be pissed if someone destroyed my phone like that.
    At least they have it all on tape!

      Yeah. If someone films you without consent, that's actually still legal in public places under most circumstances. But even if it wasn't, destroying their property isn't a legal response.

      They should nail her ass to the wall.

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