Pokémon And Attack On Titan Are A Bizarre Match Made In Heaven

Pokémon And Attack On Titan Are A Bizarre Match Made In Heaven

What if, instead of unsettling humanoid titans, we had giant Pokémon in Attack on Titan? And what if Pokémon had guns we could shoot? And what if those guns shot Pokeballs?

Questions that have kept us all up at night, I’m sure — and Arcane Kids is here to answer with Pokémon Millennial Edition. Because of course the Millennial edition of Pokémon has guns in it — that’s what the kids like these days, right?

This is a real, playable game, mind — I tried it a bit last night, and it was as weird (and broken) as you might expect, based on this footage. They’re not releasing the game, though — not that this makes the video or the game any less funny.

What you can play, however, is Arcane Kids’ Bubsy 3D — which has a similar eccentricity to that of Pokémon Millennial Edition.


  • Must be a slow news day since this was on Kotaku already this week
    Oh, wait…. Its just Patricia

  • Patricia are you actually a journalist or do you just copy and paste anything you find interesting? All I ever see you post are copies or articles we already have with even less information than the original.

  • i feel bad for patricia…i hate looking at the comments section cos theres always so much hate 🙁

    I actually kinda like some of her articles….

    feel free to downvote me 🙁 🙁

    • I don’t think there’s any arguing that she’s capable of a good article.

      They’re just unfortunately so few and far between.

      • Yeah, I understand. But even so, like is there a real reason to just go after the poster so frequently? I mean, its not like this is some government mandated curriculum that you have no choice but to read. If there’s an article you dont like can’t we just move along and not be so nasty?

        I know at the very least I sometimes feel a bit dumb for liking a silly article that gets savaged in the comments, i can’t imagine how the author must feel.

        oh god whats wrong with me today…so overly sensitive lol

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