Predator Confirmed For Call Of Duty: Ghosts' Next DLC

Call of Duty: Ghosts' developers teased quite the interesting cameo last week for the game's second DLC, Devastation. Their new gameplay trailer now confirms that 80s intergalactic hunter Predator will indeed join the battle.

The expansion will also feature a four new maps: Ruins, Behemoth, Collision and Unearthed (Predator needs its jungle environment!), a unique weapon called the "Ripper" and a 100ft tall "Kraken".

The expansion will release in early April for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Official Call of Duty: Ghosts Devastation Gameplay Trailer [YouTube, via Polygon]


    Calling April Fool's. If not though, this still wouldn't get me to buy COD Ghosts, unless the DLC also featured Arnie. No Arnie, no sale.

      They hinted at this a couple of days ago. So it may be legit.

    what is the predator actually for? is it like 1vs1?

      It will be like michael myers in the last dlc, its a ultra powerfull character you turn into if your lucky enough to get the random drop.....looking forward to trying the predator :D

    Not an April Fool's joke, they had Michael Myers in the last dlc pack. Also that Unearthed map is a 'Dome' remake from MW3. I believe Ruins is the map that features Predator

    Didn't they tease at this a few days ago...looks pretty cool

    Aww looks kinda fun. Still...not fun enough that I regret trading it in after 2 weeks.

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