Prime World Goes Version 1.0

We hear a lot about games being made available on Early Access nowadays, but not a lot about games actually completing that period. Prime World is yet another MOBA, but with some key tweaks — and the fact that it has tweaks at all is a telling indicator for the genre.

In Prime World, you'll manage your own town to fuel passive powers for your hero, and there are more maps and modes than the standard offering of one. As for whether or not it's worth playing, that'll be up to the public to say after getting into the nitty gritty, but some people are already taking it seriously enough for competition.

It's possibly a step forward for MOBA games that they're ready for any kind of innovation at all. Anyone who remembers the launch of Demigod can recall the DOTA/HoN communities shouting that game down for basically not being a clone of DOTA. "Too few heroes," and "stupid new modes and maps," apparently. But it was basically daring to do what MOBAs are doing now. Perhaps it was ahead of its time.

Now that the genre is cemented and dominant, with League of Legends and DOTA 2 forming the two most played games in the world, players feel less threatened by a dilution of the playstyle. Hell, if any MOBA can make a real foothold with the competition out there, well done. The standard formula is so strong and prevalent that it's now a good thing that new ideas are being tried.

I'll never find the time to try out the new ones like Infinite Crisis, or Total War: Arena. But as they come out, I'll be relying on you guys to let me know if they're worth peoples' time or not.


    I thought Demigod was really underrated. I loved it. Sure it didn't have many characters, but at least each character had some depth and you could adjust your play style during the game. Shame it didn't catch on

      I really liked it as well. Was really disappointed in the community for making it out to be the uncool game. If there's such a thing as a re-launch, it needs it.

        I played the hell of it when it was released. Good ol unclean beast my favourite hero. There was so many build you could play with one hero its fun.

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