Princess Peach Gets Her Own Damn Wii Remote Plus

Princess Peach Gets Her Own Damn Wii Remote Plus

I’ve managed to resist picking up the Mario and Luigi themed Wii remotes thus far, but the addition of a Princess Peach motion controller at the end of the month has the game paraphernalia collector in me twitching. Dammit, Nintendo.

Showing up in stores later this month, the Peach Pink Wii remote isn’t just a lovely colour. It’s got a crown over the speaker, blue buttons that simulate royal jewels and a yellow d-pad to suggest Princess Peach’s actual crown. With that much thought put into design, how can I not spend $US39.99 on it?

Don’t worry, I can justify this — I have a wife and twin boys. Seamus can be Mario, Archer is Luigi, my wife gets to use the Wii U Gamepad and I can be Princess Peach. Everybody wins!


  • I am disappointed internet, this post was made at 5pm and nobody has made a poor taste joke about dildos and peach’ alone time in the castle all these years

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