Realistic Pokémon Snap Would Give Me Nightmares

Realistic Pokémon Snap Would Give Me Nightmares

Dayshot: Hey that's not the Mewtwo and the Cerulean Cave I remember from the Pokémon games. This — otherwise amazing — redesign by DeviantART artist arvalis is way more creepy.

It reminds me of those combat-free horror games (Outlast, anyone?), mixed with the N64 classic, Pokémon Snap.

I don't want Pokémon to be real anymore.

What Lies in the Cerulean Caves [arvalis, DeviantART]

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    I don't know why 'realistic' always needs to mean 'has the sinewy yet gaunt body of a female bodybuilder'. Realism is never better when it comes to the pokemans.

    I imagine instead of throwing apples at it that you throw it bidoof shanks.

    I can't be the only one who thought this was Lucario before reading the article, right?

      I believe I have seen the mewtwo a few years back, never done up as a photo in this way but the pokemon itself, It may have been in a series of images with Blastoise and Venusaur etc too.

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