Running Through Diablo III's Hardest Difficulty, Using Only One Skill

Running Through Diablo III's Hardest Difficulty, Using Only One Skill

Here's Amiar with his Crusader, doing some insane runs in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. He manages to clear endgame content in 13 minutes on the hardest difficulty, while using only one skill: Blessed Shield.

If you check the Crusader's profile, you can see that both the weapon and the shield play a big role in this build as they buff this one particular skill to the top. The Crusader is a ranged class after all...

Knowing how hawk-eyed Blizzard is when it comes to nerfs, this might be the next on the list.

Diablo III: ROS Crusader: 13m T6 Rift Clear with One Skill [YouTube]


    Massively item reliant build. There's a few like that which makes it kind of neat if you are lucky enough to find the right gear.

    There was a similar one with the Wizard and explosive blast thanks to a weapon that used to remove cooldown.

      There are some totally crazy item reliant builds out there. I'm loving D3 gear so much since the xpac dropped.

      I've just moved into T5 runs. My wiz is still a little squishy, but i'm approaching 2m damage now, so who the hell cares. :D

        Wow, 2M! LINK ME! :D

          1.7m to be exact...with skills of course. It's only 850k base I think.

          Last edited 30/04/14 6:17 pm

    Yeap have farmed several hundred hours on my crusader for this weapon, its far from common, just like the wand of woh that i don't have on my wizard, saw a clan mate get the weapon 3 nights ago and he didn't want to use it ........ *sigh*

    I've got the shield and own T1 multiple monster's easy enough just 1v1 take some time when rares have something like 150-450million hp

    I want that weapon though would make my guy unstoppable

    I'd be surprised if this actually got nerfed. There's a few build like this that perform incredibly well IF you have the right items and that's kind of the point. If you can't perform this well after having grinded to get those items and the gems in them, THEN something is wrong.

    The Crusader is a ranged class after all…

    Crusaders ARE a ranged class. They don't get the same damage reduction that Warrior and Monk get.

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